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Crap Rap

Second Series

They still rap. And they're still crap. To check out Burno and Desree's rap off on YouTube and watch the episodes. Just click on the links on the right. 


Some things never change. The lads from Staneen are back; they still rap, and they're still crap. Burno and Paulie still dream of rap superstardom, while Desree and her friends are convinced their fabulicious girl band will bring them worldwide fame.

In the meantime, their mammies still shout at them, phone credit is too expensive and teachers still want to control their lives.

Burno's attempts to get in with Tania Nelson show no hopes of succeeding, and Eugene Lyman still calls him a sap on a daily basis. Romance between Paulie and Desree continues to blossom, but they can't act on their feelings for each other (everyone knows you can't be with your best mate's sister, it's just not on, like).

But now Miss Rooney is putting together a school production of Romeo and Juliet, which could give Burno the chance to get closer to Tania, and could give Paulie and Desree the chance to be star-crossed lovers in, like, real life.

Series 2 of Crap Rap continues to follow the saviours of Irish rap as they fight for their independence and battle with peer pressure, power-crazy teachers, Gaeilge, Shakespearean dialogue, and complete romantic failure. Whoever said your teens are the best years of your life must be mental. Word.



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