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Crap Rap

CRAP RAP: Tidy Towns and Tangerines

Paulie and Burno 

Burno and Paulie still rap, and are still crap. 'Tidy Towns and Tangerines' sees the Staneen teens on a school break, and boredom has set in. The Tidy Town's Committee has banned busking, the weather's bad, and there's nothing worth watching on telly.

But when Burno and Desree's parents go out for the evening, they decide to throw a party to liven things up.

Complete with fake-tan disasters, depressing Emos, suspicious punch and of course some pretty crap raps, the party doesn't quite work out as they had hoped, and to make matters worse, their mother hears about the party and comes home early.

Will Burno get to impress Tania with his rapping skills, and will Paulie get to declare his love to Desree before Mrs Quigley comes home and goes mad? Click on the image below to find out.



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