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Aisling's Diary

Today's Episode

As romances begin and end, everyone gathers together for one last party.

A summer of romance, magic tricks, competition and lots of surf! Aisling, Siobhan and Ali head to Dun Máirtín Beach to work in Siobhan's Uncle's hotel, little knowing that it is far from the luxury beachside hotel they were expecting.

Uncle Ciaran's place is a run-down, dilapidated former retirement home on the verge of bankruptcy. Things get even tougher when Celia, a blast from Uncle Ciaran's past issues a challenge that turns a bit of healthy business competition into a matter of hotel survival.

Aisling is moping over an absent Murphy, until Slater comes to her rescue. Unfortunately for Aisling her summer romance is in danger of becoming Máirtín's own Romeo and Juliet, as Slater is the enemy's son!

Will Aisling betray her best friend for a boy? And Ali's stage persona 'Gavin the Mysterious' becomes romantically entangled with someone who just happens to dislike Ali!

Can Aisling and co pull together, learn some new skills, and avoid the unavoidable holiday romances long enough to turn Shark's Tooth Hotel into the place to be?

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