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Trish's Paris Kitchen
Trish's Paris KitchenRTÉ One, Monday, 8.30pm

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In this second series of programmes about her beloved Paris, Trish Deseine brings us on another inspirational and appetite whetting journey into the way that French people cook, eat and live. 

Trish Deseine first went to Paris twenty years ago from her native Belfast and quickly discovered that food, eating and cooking are deeply infused into the French psyche. Put simply, she fell in love with French food, French style and the French capital.  In these programmes she will let you in on that love affair and show you how to take a leaf out of her adopted Frenchwoman's life so you will be able to cook with confidence and style.

Throughout Trish's Paris Kitchen, we will see how exactly one handles French delicacies such as oysters in a champagne sabayon, moules mariniès or Coq au vin.  We explore the institution at the heart of heart of any French town, the bistro, and meet first hand some of the movers and shakers in the world of French cuisine.