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Trish's Mediterranean Kitchen
Trish's Mediterranean Kitchen RTÉ One, Wednesday, 7.30pm


Programme 1: Marseilles

For the first programme in the series Trish is in the busy sea-port of Marseilles, the city has a fairly violent history and a mythology rich in saints and sinners, drifters and gangsters.

Programme 2: Camargue

In the second programme of the new series, Trish visit the Camargue, where the mighty Rhone runs into the Mediterranean. What a surprise, in the middle of this place to find a little green oasis where celebrated chef Michel Mialhe runs an award winning restaurant. The secret of his success lies, in his garden where he grows everything he needs, all of it organic.

Programme 3: Aix en Provence

After the fish market in Toulon, Trish visits the market in Aix en Provence to meet Collette, the glamorous tripe seller. Actually she's the only tripe seller in the region and she delights to see her customers, a slightly apprehensive Trish among them, go away happy with their purchases.

Programme 4: St Remy de Provence

Trish visits gardens once frequented by Vincent Van Gogh and samples sweet treats made by France's most celebrated chocolatier.

Programme 5: Solliers du Pont

Trish visits a fig lovers mecca and looks at an unusual goats cheese making operation

Programme 6: Nice & Sète (Last in Series)

Trish samples some culinary delights in a vegetarian restaurant in Nice and meets a man who combines playing boules with growing melons