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Tom Crean had to lie about his age and claim to be 16 years old rather than his true age 15, in order to be allowed join the Navy. No-one ever questioned him.

On Tom Crean's first expedition to Antarctica one of his colleagues, Ernest Joyce, suffered severe frost bite to one of his feet and was in danger of having it amputated. Tom Crean and the rest of the men allowed Joyce to put his frozen foot on their stomachs. It was torture and each man could only stand a few minutes before Joyce would have to move his foot onto the next. But their body warmth did the trick and his foot was saved.

On his second expedition with Captain Robert Scott, Tom Crean smuggled a rabbit onto the Terra Nova ship which gave birth to seventeen baby rabbits on board.

The Terra Nova was also weighed down with several years worth of food, three experimental motorised tractors, 19 horses and 33 dogs.

Of the 35 miles, Crean had to trek along to get rescue for Lashly and Evans, he walked the first 16 without ever stopping for a break. When he did it was only for 5 minutes and to eat two biscuits and two pieces of chocolate.

When the Endurance became trapped in the ice of the Weddell Sea, the men entertained themselves by playing football on the ice and when it grew dark - reading, playing cards and singing.

Most likely due to boredom, all the crew aboard the Endurance decided the shave their heads during the Winter of 1915.

Two geographical landmarks are named after Tom Crean - The Crean Glacier on South Georgia and Mount Crean in Victoria Land