Count the time spent by any man on the Antarctic ice during the Heroic Age of Exploration and Tom Crean comes out at the top; the greatest distance covered on foot there by any man - Tom Crean is there again; the man who walked with Scott to the Pole but was sent back a hair's length away, the man chosen by Scott and Shackleton as a comrade on rival journeys; the man sent towards the Pole with a rescue team and who spotted the mound of snow where Scott lay frozen in defeat.



In this two-part documentary series, newsman Charlie Bird heads on the trail of legendary Antarctic explorer, Tom Crean. For over 20 years Charlie Bird has wanted to travel to the South Pole and tell the story of this remarkable Kerryman. In 2011 Charlie's wish came true and to bring Crean's story to life, Charlie spent two months crisscrossing Antarctica before travelling to the Pole itself, completing a journey Crean was denied from making on the very cusp of success.




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