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Story 1 - Digging up the past

Adrian Lawlor is an archaeologist. He was involved in an accident on the platform of a train station about 20 years ago, when he was 17, resulting in the loss of his right leg.

Prior to his accident he ha just completed his leaving certificate and had intended to go on to do some sort of technical drawing. He spent a number of months in hospital and his mum, a nurse cared for him at home. He spent 2 years at home, in a wheelchair - recuperating and 4 years attending Rehab learning how to walk and recovering. The local community raised money to convert the house garage into a downstairs bedroom with an ensuite, which was essential for his recuperation.

Initially he was told by doctors that he would never be able to do a physical job. He went into localisation in computing. After a number of years he got bored with being in an office and started doing tour guiding in Knowth. Adrian has a real passion for and knowledge of Irish history.

He decided that he would defy his doctors and try to get a job doing something he wanted to do instead of something he was told he could do. He started working in archaeology about 18 months ago. He was not fit at first but strengthened up over time. He found it difficult but is now much fitter and is determined to do his job.

He finds he sometimes has to lie down to dig. The usual position for digging is on your honkers, but because of his artificial leg he cannot do this. His love of archaeology is bound up with his love of the land. He doesn't care that no-one will necessarily see the places he digs, nor the artefacts he finds for him the importance lies in having and a wish to protect the land.

Story 1 - Making a difference....

We first visited Sinead Murtagh and her family 3 years ago in Three 60. She had an active three year old child and had just given birth to her second son.Sinead works three and a half days a week in Dublin for Pobail. Since last appearing on the programme the family have moved house and baby Seth is now a lively three year old. They are still putting the finishing touches to the home they were still in the process of building when Seth was born.Caleb is in school and Seth will begin in September.

It is of great importance to Sinead to maintain her independence and she is assisted in doing so by a team of four personal assistants who provide 70 hours of assistance per week. As well as this the couple generally employ a live-in au-pair and have done since Caleb was small. Both Children speak Spanish as the au-pairs the family have employed through the years have all spoken Spanish.

On the days Sinead works she leaves at 8.30 for the drive to Dublin and returns again at 7.30 in the evening. Without the PA service she would be unable to continue working and feels she would lose much of her independence. A PA service is not currently on offer within the North Eastern Health Board region but as the hours had already been granted before the family moved Sinead was able to retain the 70 hours per week. To her knowledge she is the only person in the region with this level of service. As with any other family Sinead would find life very difficult financially were she unable to work. his story follows Sinead and her family on their day to day lives - we look at how she has used her experience of working with people with disabilities to working with minority groups and non-Irish nationals.


Support Details

Amputee Ireland
125 Clonkeen Road, Deansgrange,
Co. Dublin

Irish Wheelchair Association
National Headquarters
Áras Chúchulainn
Blackheath Drive
Dublin 3
Tel: 01 8186 400
Fax: 01 8333 873

Spinal Injuries Ireland
National Rehabilitation Hospital
Rochestown Ave,
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 2355317
Fax: 01 2350955

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Adrian Lawlor
Adrian Lawlor
Sinead Murtagh
Sinead Murtagh