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Story 1 - Bullet-proof Gallagher

Some people know Ciaran as a guy who had a stroke when he was 12, which left him paralysed on one side. Others know him as "Bulletproof" the 19 year old wrestler who will not be beaten, whatever the odds.

Ciaran Gallagher suffered a stroke at the age of twelve. He and his family were told at the time that he would never walk again. Ciaran says that when he heard this he decided to take on the challenge of proving this prognosis wrong. He has since managed to learn to walk again, to speak again and to write again.

Ciaran is now nineteen years old and currently living in Dublin. He is studying Business and Management in DIT in Aungier Street.

Ciaran has been a wrestling fan all his life, wanting to be a wrestler from early childhood.

He became involved with Celtic Pro Wrestling summer 2005 when he went along to a training session with his brother who was already a member. He trains every Saturday. During a typical training session he takes falls, executes holds and counter holds, as well as learning how to protect himself from strikes using only one side.

We follow him in his training for the TAG team Wrestling Championship with his full-bodied wrestling partner, Blake.


Story 2 - A Second Chance

James Pender was knocked down at the age of ten when he was cycling .He had severe injuries and as a result lives with an acquired brain injury.

This story looks at how a family deals with this .We meet the Penders, a large family living in Newbridge, Co.Kildare and talk to them about the effect this has had them as a family and the different services they have accessed to provide the best quality of life for James. One of James side-effects of this acquired brain injury is his anger. We follow James as he attends anger management classes in Headway. Headway is the organisation in Ireland that deals with acquired brain injuries in Ireland. Founded in 1985, they develop, provide and promote services to enhance the potential of people with an acquired brain injury.

They have been extremely helpful in providing James and his family with ways to improve his life. James tells us in his own words what it's like to live with an Acquired Brain Injury( A.B.I) and how his life has changed after his accident.


Support Details

Volunteer Stroke Scheme
249 Crumlin Road,
Dublin 12
Tel: 01 4559036
Fax: 01 4557013

Dublin Headway

1-3 Manor Street Business Park
Manor Street
Dublin 7
Tel: (01) 810 2066
Fax: (01) 810 2070
Helpline: 1890 200 278

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Ciaran Gallagher
Ciaran Gallagher
James Pender
James Pender