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2006: Programme 4

Item One - June McCarthy

On this week, Three 60 meets June McCarthy.
June is a young woman in her thirties who has some familiar and universal questions about where life will take her. How long will she be single? Will she get married? Will she have children? June's story captures some of the social pressures facing many women in Ireland today.

June is a person of small stature. During this feature she offers a true and honest insight into her experience of how others can make you feel about being different.

June is an outgoing, fun and friendly person. Unfortunately, it is other people perceptions of her that can create problems.

Item Two - Anthony Baker

When Anthony Baker started his job he faced an interesting decision. By accepting a full time role he ended p earning less money than if he did not work at all. By working full time he earns less money than if he stayed unemployed and receiving State allowances.

Anthony Baker
The life of a Gym instructor and part-time DJ is certainly a busy one. Anthony tells his story while running on a tread mill, completing his press ups, hosting aerobics and choosing his favourite records to play at the local hot spots in Donegal. When Anthony began working full-time, he began a new chapter in his life. This eventually led to him giving up his Disability Allowances forever. It is doubtful that many people would feel like working under these constraints.

Some disabled people face a societal barrier when entering the workforce because of the benefits trap. It is seen as a catch twenty-two situation one can work, earn less money and on top of this loose one's medical card. However, Anthony Baker's story highlights how he was determined to take this chance and as a result has successfully progressed within his chosen field.

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June McCarthy
June McCarthy
Anthony Baker
Anthony Baker