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2006: Programme 3

Item One -On Board a Tall Ship

Have you ever dreamed of a going on a Cruise or spending some time at sea? This week on Three 60 - we follow three young men Derry, Patrick and Seán as they embark on the journey of a life-time. There are no passengers onboard this trip and this is very much a voyage rather than a cruise. Everyone must take part as an active crew member of the Tenacious. Crew's duties include helping to set the sails, helming the ship, assisting with cleaning during 'happy hour' and helping the cook in the galley. Derry, Patrick and Seán are all visually impaired and highlight how this tall ship has been built to be accessible for all.

The Tenacious is one of the world's only tall ships that accommodates disabled people through speaking compasses, Braille, hand rails and access for wheelchair users. Every year a ship travels from Southampton to Dublin with a crew evenly divided between disabled and able-bodied. This year rough seas and a wild storm mean that there has to be last minute changes to travel plans. It proves difficult to locate a sailor willing to steer the ship in such torrential conditions. However, tune in to learn how one man on board has the expertise for this job.

Item Two - Gifted and Talented Children

Children who are gifted and talented are often perceived as being at a distinct advantage. How does this topic fit into Three 60? Immediately one might think that children who are exceptionally talented and gifted do not face disadvantage, inequality and societal barriers - however it appears this is not the case. Do exceptional children require special or adapted learning environments to reach their full potential? Do children who are deemed intellectually advanced for their age find themselves out of step with their contemporaries? Do some children find themselves socially isolated, rejected by their peers and unable to communicate because of their unusual interests and adult language level?

It is estimated that there are about 20,000 gifted children in Ireland. The courses run out in Dublin City University on a Saturday morning are for many children the first time that they can concentrate or focus on a subject matter in which they have a great interest. Three 60 meets some of the families and children who attend these specific learning environments.

Contact details for Programme Three Topic One on Sailing

The JST have 2 tall ships designed to be completely accessible (speaking compasses/ braille handrails/ grooved walkways etc). They run numerous voyages every year and everyone on board works as crew. Disabled crew who need to, have an assigned 'buddy'.

If you are interested in finding out more information about this type of trip, costs and/or fund-raising opportunities - please log onto the following websites.
Or Contact The Jubilee Sailing Trust directly

The Jubilee Sailing Trust
Hazel Road
SO19 7GB

By Telephone:
Voyage Sales 00 44 870 4435783
General Enquiries 00 44 870 4435781
(Please note that JST offices are open from 9AM until 5PM, Monday to Friday only)
By Email

Contact Details for Programme Three Topic Two - Gifted and Talented Children

Irish Centre for Talented Youth
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

By Telephone:
By Email

Three 60 is sponsored by RehabCare and Fás.

The Tall Ships
The Tall Ships
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