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Story 1 - Shake Rattle and Noel

Noel Faulkner has Tourette's Syndrome, we look his life as the owner of The Comedy Café in London and journey with him back to his West of Ireland roots.

Noel owns the Comedy Café in London and the Bedroom Bar next door.

Born in Salthill at 12-13, moved to Clifden and attended school. He had been expelled from a number of schools by this stage. He had a very difficult time in school and, he was disruptive (most likely due to his Tourettes) and was punished for it.

He left school and Ireland and took jobs on merchant ships for a number of years, where he felt very at home on the sea.

Noel Faulkner did Shake Rattle and Noel, a one man show based on his life. The 'shake' part of the title refers to Faulkner's Tourette's syndrome and the spasmodic twitching that is part of the condition. It is a much misunderstood disease. Random, uncontrollable swearing is the first thing most of us associate with the condition, but only approximately 4% of people with Tourette's display that particular symptom.

We look at Noel's life in London, the fast pace life of running a successful comedy club and business and take a journey with him back to Clifden to meet his sister, cousin and the people that remember him from his childhood.

Story 2 - Two Peas In A Pod

This story follows the relationship of a young couple. Despite the fact that they both have intellectual disabilities this story shows how they have the same hopes and dreams as their peers. Like any other young couple they are hesitant to give away too much about how they feel for each other and are simply enjoying their romance.

Both families are supportive of their budding relationships. Both sets of parents fully support their childrens right to an independent life and believe that with appropriate supports in place this is feasible.This story looks at the issue of relationships and special needs - a subject which is poorly misunderstood and subject to prejudice.

Denise (23) and Stephen (24) met a Disco in Letterkenny on a night out arranged by the Special Olympics Club .Since that night in December they have become a firm item and Stephen regularly makes the visit to Letterkenny from his home of Derry to spend time with Denise adn her family. Denises' mum Rosita has seen changes in the young couple since they started dating and maintains that her daughters has been a positive influence on Stepen and has helped his overcome his initial shyness of people. Of Denise she says ''All I want is for Denise to be happy and to have the opportunity to get on in life'.

At present Denise is studying for her junior cert in Letterkenny VEC and is proud to have passed her mocks recently. Shes also attends a training centre where she is learning about computers and improving her literacy and numeracy. Outside her studies Denise spends time playing five-a-side football and basketball.

Stephen Dowd lives at home with his parents in Derry. He works two days a week in Brandywell football grounds in Derry helping out around the grounds and with coaching some of the youngsters. Stephen is passionate about football and trains twice a week.


Support Details

Tourettes & Relationships
Tourette Syndrome Association of Ireland
Carmichael House,
North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7
Ph - 087 2982356

Special Olympics
4th Floor
Park House
North Circular Road
Dublin 7
Tel: 01 882 3972

Inclusion Ireland
Unit C2,
The Steelworks,
Foley Street,
Dublin 1,
Tel: 01 8559891

Rehab Group
Rosyln Road
Beach Rd
Dublin 4

Three 60 is sponsored by Rehab Group.

Noel Faulkner
Noel Faulkner
Denise and Stephen
Denise and Stephen