8 November 2011
The Guests

My guests tonight are film critic Donald Clarke, arts journalist Edel Coffey and artist Hilary Orpen.

The Film: Jack Goes Boating

Directed by and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, and based on the play by Bob Glaudini, Jack Goes Boating is the story of a 40-something limousine driver who goes on a blind date with Connie played by Amy Ryan. The date has been set up Connie's friend Lucy who happens to be married to Jack's best friend Clyde. And so as the four of them struggle with love and all its tributaries, Jack is determined to take  Connie on her dream date of a boat trip but first, he's going to have to learn to swim.

The Film: The Rum Diary

Directed by Bruce Robinson, in his first feature in almost 20 years, Johnny Depp plays Paul Kemp, a version of Hunter S Thompson from his debut novel The Rum Diary. Paul Kemp is a journalist who escapes 1950s' New York by relocating to Puerto Rico and working for a small newspaper. But of course he's not the only escapee and as he tries to negotiate his way between the locals and ex-pats like himself - a rum crowd indeed - all sorts of japes and capers ensue. And could it be that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are the two most beautiful people ever to be seen together in a beautiful red car?

The Novel: The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am

The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am is the debut novel from Norwegian writer Kjersti A. Skomsvold. Mathea is an elderly widow, all too conscious that she's becoming more and more invisible by the day. Not much has happened in her life, apart from the fact that she was in her youth struck by lightning, twice. It is what you might call a tragic-comedy.

The Exhibition: Surface Tension: The Future of Water

Surface Tension: The Future of Water is the title of the latest exhibition at the Science Gallery, at Trinity College Dublin. Water - disposable, sacred, and necessary - is explored by artists, designers, engineers and scientists looking at the future of our most crucial resource and the conflicts which surround it.

The Performance: Marc O'Reilly

Before we go tonight, music from the Waterford singer songwriter Marc O'Reilly. On the back of his debut album My Friend Marx, he's currently on tour in Ireland with gigs in Lahinch, Galway Westport, Cork, Lismore and Dublin. Here with You Never, Marc O Reilly.

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