1 November 2011
The Guests

My guests tonight are arts journalist Sinéad Gleeson, novelist Peter Murphy and playwright and novelist Declan Hughes.

The Film: Sensation

Directed by Tom Hall - he of Bachelor's Walk - Sensation stars Domhnall Gleeson in a love story with added comedy and much darkness. Gleeson plays a lonely young man who begins a relationship with an older woman who happens to be an escort, and his first actual sexual experience with an actual person. And so from inauspicious beginnings - a commercial arrangement - the two become sort of lovers and later partners in the oldest business in the world. But before all that, he makes his usual clumsy attempts with the local girls.

The Album: Bad As Me by Tom Waits

Tom Waits is by now a verifiable walking, talking legend. Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, raconteur, snake-oil salesman and all-round entertainer, he's the closest thing modern music has to a genuine vaudeville act. Bad As Me is his 17th studio album and one which seems to embrace elements of his many incarnations down the years - from the sensitive Tom of smokey Californian coffee houses to the lowlife loner of burlesque dives and gin -joints through to the twisted carnival barker who showed up on his last tour in a circus tent. Bad as Me is on Anti Records.

The Album: Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica

From one ledge to another. Following a live collaboration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame shows in New York back in 2009, Lou Reed and Metallica have now come together in studio. With Hal Willner as co-producer, the result is Lulu, an album of songs Reed wrote earlier this year for Robert Wilson's Berlin production of Lulu about the rise and fall of a femme fatale. Lou Reed for all the fragile beauty of his quieter songs is not a man averse to noise and perhaps this link up with metal's greatest powerhouse is not as unlikely as it might seem. Certainly Metallica think it's a match made in amplifier heaven and as for Lou, well, he has been telling everyone that this is the best thing he's ever done. Lulu is on Universal records.

The Novel: Stolen Souls by Stuart Neville

Stolen Souls is the new book from Stuart Neville. His previous two - The Twelve and Collusion - have established him as a crime writer with a particular feel for the north but one which has translated what might seem a very particular scene into one with a much broader appeal. Even James Ellroy has been singing Neville's praises. In this one, a young Lithuanian woman who thought she was coming to Ireland to teach is about to be put to work as a prostitute. When she takes things into own hands and kills one of the bad guys, the brother of an even worse guy, things go from bad to worse. And so on the run in Belfast, with the PSNI already on the case, she falls into the hands of a religious maniac posing as her saviour.

The Performance: Adam Cohen
Tonight music from  Adam Cohen - and mark you the surname because yes he is Leonard's
son. So no pressure then when he plays Cork tomorrow and Dundalk on Thursday before finishing his Irish tour in Crawdaddy in Dublin on Friday. Here with What Other Guy  - Adam Cohen.

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