4 October 2011
The Guests

My guests tonight are writer and activist Eamonn McCann, theatre critic Peter Crawley and journalist Marion McKeone.

The Play: Peer Gynt

Now on as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, Rough Magic presents a version of Ibsen's Peer Gynt. Adapted by Arthur Riordan and directed by Lynn Parker, it stars Rory Nolan in a new take on this classic tale of delusion, evasion and fantasy. With live music from Tarab and the running time hitting three hours, Peer Gynt, Rough Magic style, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in this Theatre Festival programme.

The Film: Tyrannosaur

Directed by Paddy Considine, Tyrannosaur stars Peter Mullan as Joseph, a very angry man whose life takes a potentially benign twist when he meets a charity shop worker called Hannah, played by Olivia Colman. She prays for Joseph and he makes all sorts of assumptions about her and her life. But it soon turns out Hannah has some serious problems of her own.

The Play: Laundry

Making quite a name for themselves at this year's Dublin Theatre Festival, ANU Productions is staging not one but two site-specific works. Last year's Fringe show, World's End Lane, about the notorious nightlife of the Monto, has been revived to be joined by a show called Laundry. Directed by Louise Lowe, it takes us right into the very dark heart of the Magdalene laundries. In fact the piece, which audience members experience on their own, meeting the girls along the way, is actually staged in the old Magdalene Convent on Lower Sean MacDermott Street.

The Novel: The Bloody Meadow

And so to Stalin's Russia for William Ryan's latest novel, The Bloody Meadow. Captain Alexei Korolev, now decorated for solving his last case, in the previous novel, The Holy Thief, finds himself with rather too much information about those at the very top. But when they finally come for him it is not to deport him but to charge him with investigating the suspected suicide of a young woman who works in the movies. But of course the case is not all that seems. And in Stalin's Russia, it's never good when you discover that the woman you're investigating is also of special interest to the Commissar of State Security.

The Performance: Jape

Formed by Richie Egan as a side project while part of The Redneck Manifesto, Jape has just released their fourth album, Ocean of Frequency. They're touring Ireland at the moment taking in Mullingar, Galway, Belfast, Derry and Letterkenny, and they're with us tonight with a track from the new album - Scorpio.

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