14 December 2010
The Guests

My guests tonight are art critic Cristín Leach, film critic Donald Clarke and arts journalist Sinéad Gleeson.

The Film: Somewhere

Written and directed by Sofia Coppola, Somewhere stars Stephen Dorff as Johnny Marco, a hard drinking, self-obsessed and bored actor forced to reassess his life after his 11-year-old daughter shows up. Meanwhile, all he has to do is whatever it is his publicist tells him. Somewhere is open at cinemas nationwide.

The Film: Catfish

Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, this is the movie which has everybody talking - not least because you can't be quite sure what you're watching. Is it a documentary? Is it a mock-documentary? Or just a very clever movie? It's a tale of social networking intrigue on a grand scale which begins when a New York photographer becomes the online friend of a talented eight-year-old girl in Michigan. Catfish is showing at the IFI in Dublin.

The Book: Sunset Park

Sunset Park is the latest novel from Paul Auster. Set in New York in 2008, a bunch of unlikely characters end up squatting in an old wooden out of the way house in Brooklyn. Among them is Miles Heller - the son of a powerful publisher - who has disappeared from his parents' lives completely. He's a bit of a mystery but before moving to Sunset Park, he worked as a removal man, stripping the repossessed homes of the latest casualties of the America's economic collapse. Sunset Park is published by Faber.

The Art: Two Monuments 2009, Democracies 2009

Two Monuments 2009, Democracies 2009 is an exhibition at the RHA. In 2008, The Fire Station Artists Studios invited Polish artist Artur Zmijewski to develop a project in Dublin which addressed Polish-Irish relations and the labour market. The result is Two Monuments, shown alongside a series of short videos called Democracies, all shot in tense, threatening or violent situations in places as diverse the West Bank, Warsaw, Austria and Belfast, all of them playing at the same time. Two Monuments 2009, Democracies 2009 is at the RHA until 22 December.

The Performance: Clara Rose

The rock/blues band Clara Rose will be at the Cobblestone in Dublin on 19th December and in Master Deerys in Monaghan on 29th. Here with Broken Woman Blues, Clara Rose.

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