2 November 2010
The Guests

My guests tonight are journalist Anna Carey, novelist and journalist Peter Murphy and actor and writer Joe Taylor.

The Film: The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right stars Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as Nic and Jules, a couple living in southern California with two teenage kids. But things take an unexpected twist when the kids secretly make contact with their dad, played by Mark Ruffalo. The problem is that only have they never met him before - neither have their two mums, for Dad was a sperm donor - and his unexpected arrival is set to cause all sorts of emotional and - surely - sexual chaos.

The Book: The Hilliker Curse

Considered the greatest living American crime novelist - not least by himself - James Ellroy is back with a book which revisits a true life crime as shocking as anything you might find in LA Confidential, the murder of his own mother when he was just ten years old. Ellroy has been deep in this territory before in a book called My Dark Places but this one deals with the effect of his mother's absence, and presence, on his relationships ever since.

The Play: The Adventures of the Wet Senor

The Adventures of the Wet Senor is the latest play from writer/director Donal O'Kelly. Beginning in 1588, Captain Francisco De Cuellar survives the destruction of the Spanish Armada only to find himself washed ashore on the coast of Sligo. Starring Jamie Carswell, Carrie Crowley and Sorcha Fox, and with music performed live by Kila, the play re-imagines the journey Francisco then made from Sligo to Antrim to the Giant's Causeway.

The Exhibition: Cuba Mía

Now on at the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin, Cuba Mía is an exhibition of 80 black and white photos, taken in 1964 by renowned photographer Rodrigo Moya. It shows the people of Cuba in the early years of revolution and includes pictures of Che Guevara never before seen in public.

The Performance: Cappa Ensemble

Winners of Music Network's Young Musicwide competition for 2009, Cappa Ensemble is on tour this week with Music Network, taking in Waterford, Killorglin, Navan and Castlebar among other venues. Here to play part of the andante movement, from Mozart's Piano Quartet in G Minor K 478, is the Cappa Ensemble.

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