5 October 2010
The Guests

This week's guests are columnist Brenda Power, journalist Edel Coffey and writer and lecturer Harry Browne.

The Film: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Directed by Oliver Stone, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps sees the return of one Gordon Gekko. With his jail time served, Gekko, played once more by Michael Douglas, is back in business and he's just in time for the meltdown - the collapse of the banks, the property markets, the bailouts and all sorts of other crazy stuff that surely could only happen in the movies.

The Play: Phaedra

Now on at Project during this year's Dublin Theatre Festival, Phaedra, in a new version by Hilary Fannin and Ellen Cranitch, is the new Rough Magic production. Directed by Lynne Parker, it stars Catherine Walker in a dark tale of a woman's obsession with her stepson. A masterpiece of French theatre, written by Racine, originally drawn from Euripides, this version is set in contemporary Ireland.

The Play: B for Baby

Staying with the Dublin Theatre Festival, Carmel Winters makes her Peacock debut with a play called B for Baby, a story set in a residential care home for adults with intellectual disabilities. This could be tricky ground - political correctness and outright taboos surely loom large. Directed by Mikel Murfi, still hot from his Edinburgh success with Penelope, it stars Louis Lovett and Michele Moran.

The Exhibition: Gabriel Metsu: Rediscovered Master of the Dutch Golden Age

The National Gallery in Dublin is currently showing some 40 works by Dutch painter Gabriel Metsu, one of the leading genre painters of the 17th century. While his contemporary Vermeer is much better known these days, back then the two men enjoyed similar reputations. Many of these works are from private collections, so the exhibition offers a rather rare glimpse into the Dutch Golden Age.

The Performance: The Southern Tenant Folk Union

The Southern Tenant Folk Union is a Scottish roots-based collective specialising in bluegrass, country and gospel that has been critically acclaimed for their three album releases to date. Playing live in studio, they will be in Ireland on tour in February next year. In the meantime, here's a song from the new album, The New Farming Scene, 'No Work Today'.

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