14 September 2010
The Guests

This week's guests are Irish Independent arts editor Sophie Gorman, poet and broadcaster Theo Dorgan, and comedian and writer Kevin Gildea.

The Book: Human Chain

Human Chain is the title of the new collection from Seamus Heaney. Among the links he explores are those between husband and wife, parent and child - and the present and the past. And against the backdrop of his own stroke - also written about here - there are quite a few poems concerning death, in particular the illnesses and deaths of family and friends. And there are works to honour new life - in poems dedicated to his two grandchildren.

The Film: The Other Guys

Directed by Adam McKay, The Other Guys is a movie about two New York City detectives relegated to desk jobs because of their past mistakes. But the cops, played by Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, start to investigate a case so dull that no other detectives will touch it - and stumble upon the most audacious crime in New York history - something which seems to involve Steve Coogan and a gang of hard men from Chechyna.

The Play: Penelope

In Enda Walsh's Penelope, four very unlikely seducers are stuck at the bottom of an empty swimming pool - the last men standing in a deadly competition to win the heart of the beautiful lonely Penelope. Time is running out though because her husband Odysseus is due home any minute with plans to fillet the men in question - Denis Conway, Karl Shiels, Niall Buggy and Tadhg Murphy.

The Film: Savage

Directed by Brendan Muldowney, Savage stars Darren Healy as Paul Graynor, a press photographer attacked on the streets of Dublin who suffers terrible physical and psychological injury. In a tough and at times extremely violent movie, Paul's mental state deteriorates and, fuelled by steroids, he literally transforms into another person.

The Performance: Jackie Daly, Matt Cranitch and John Faulkner

Irish traditional musicians Jackie Daly, Matt Cranitch and John Faulkner play three sliabh luachra polkas.

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