24 November 2009
The Guests:

Senator and broadcaster David Norris, artist Hilary Orpen and Irish Independent Arts Editor Sophie Gorman.

The Film: A Serious Man

The Coen brothers are back with a movie said to be their most personal to date. Called 'A Serious Man' this one takes us back to what was their childhood stomping ground in 1960's Minnesota. A dark comedy, it stars Michael Stuhlbarg as Larry Gopnik - a physics professor and family man, visited by one set of troubles after another. A sort of modern day Job, he can't quite figure out - even with the help of three rabbis - why he should be on the receiving end of quite so much misfortune - not only is his job at risk but his wife, who has fallen for another man, is demanding a divorce. 'A Serious Man' is showing at cinemas nationwide.

The Play: Strandline

Now on at the Project in Dublin, 'Strandline' is the latest offering from Fishamble Theatre Company. Directed by Jim Culleton and written by Abbie Spallen, this is the story of a recently widowed artist who asks three local women to keep her company during a rather unusual wake. As the evening progresses, it becomes clear that there is much the widow didn't know about her late husband or the close-knit community around her. The play stars Cathy Belton and Eleanor Methven. 'Strandline' is on at the Project Arts Centre until 5 December.

The Book: Legend of a Suicide

'Legend of a Suicide' by the Alaskan writer David Vann is a set of interlinked stories which centre on a father's suicide and its effect on a young son. The later section of the book is set during a badly planned father and son bonding trip in the Alaskan wilderness and involves a shocking event which gives the book its title and might perhaps be seen in terms of the boy's revenge as much as a laying to rest of a father's ghost. It's all the more shocking because in real life David Vann's own father committed suicide - and it's to him that the book is dedicated. 'Legend of a Suicide' is published by Penguin.

The Exhibition: Lynda Benglis

Known as one of America's most important artists, the sculptor Lynda Benglis is currently the centre of attention at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. In a show which covers over 40 years of her ground-breaking work this is her first solo exhibition in Europe. Recognised as a leader of Post Minimalism, her work ranges from wax reliefs to polaroids and video and her materials include latex, polyurethane and glass. Lynda Benglis' sculpture exhibition continues at IMMA until 24 January.

The Performance: Jack L

'The Story So Far' is a Double CD career retrospective of the man from Jack L, featuring tracks from his seven albums along with previously unreleased and live tracks. He performs 'Stardust' from 'The Story So Far'.

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