6 October 2009
The Guests

Playwright and novelist Declan Hughes, writer Susan McKay and arts editor Sophie Gorman.

The Film: Goodbye Solo

Directed by Ramin Bahrani, 'Goodbye Solo' is the story of an unusual friendship struck up between two men - one Solo, the other William. Solo is from Senegal, living and working as a taxi driver in a small town in North Carolina. William is a passenger with an odd request for a one-way fare. 'Goodbye Solo' is on in the IFI until 29 October.

The Show: KAMP

At the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin, 'KAMP' comes all the way from the Netherlands as a major highlight of the Dublin Theatre Festival. In this Hotel Modern theatre company production, the camp in question is Auschwitz, recreated here as a vast model on which 8cm-high puppets are moved around in their hundreds while the three puppeteers, like giant reporters, also film everything which happens - and project the grim and brutal action on a big screen. 'KAMP' has just finished but the Dublin Theatre Festival continues until 11 October.

The Exhibition: American Jesus

'American Jesus' is the title of an exhibition by David LaChapelle, a photographer who made his name in New York photographing celebrities for magazines like Interview and later Vanity Fair, Vogue and Rolling Stone. But here we find him in full-on art mode - and backed by many high-end galleries he's now seen as much more than the just an arranger of glossy shots of famous people. His most celebrated subject here is Jesus, joined by among others Courtney Love and Michael Jackson. Some of them are on a pretty large scale and so this exhibition, from the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, is on view at No 1 Burlington Rd in Dublin. The David LaChapelle exhibition continues in the Sebastian Guinness Gallery until 31 October.

The Book: A Gate at the Stairs

'A Gate at the Stairs' is the new novel from the American author Lorrie Moore - a writer perhaps better known for her short stories such as her last collection 'Birds of America'. In 'A Gate at the Stairs' we meet a 20-year-old Midwesterner, Tassie Keltjin, who's getting through an eventful first year at college. And all of it - like so many novels these days - in the dark shadow of the events of 9/11. 'A Gate at the Stairs' is published by Faber.

The Performance: Chris Wood

We leave you with some music. BBC Radio 2's Folk Singer of the Year, Chris Wood, is in Ireland for five dates, starting in Dublin's Cornmarket on Thursday, and going on to Galway, Mayo, Limerick and Cork. His latest album, 'Albion', is an anthology of his best work over the last 20 years and a document of one of England's finest folksingers. He performs for us 'The Cottager's Reply'.

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