22 September 2009
The Guests

Journalist Pat Coyle, art critic Cristín Leach and novelist Peter Murphy.

The Film: The Soloist

Directed by Joe Wright 'The Soloist' stars Robert Downey Jnr as Steve Lopez - a columnist with the Los Angeles Times and Jamie Foxx as Nathanial, a mentally ill, homeless man whose obvious gift for music at first seems as good a story as any. However, as Lopez gets to know Nathaniel and discovers that he was once a student at Julliard, he becomes personally involved in his life - encouraging him to get off the streets and get treatment for his schizophrenia. 'The Soloist' is on general release nationwide.

The Exhibition: Edvard Munch

Along with Van Gogh the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch is one of the main sources of Expressionism. His work is dark, often sexually charged and reflects a life of sickness, tragedy and a doomed affair with his cousin's wife. "I was born dying," he once said, "illness, madness and death were the black angels who kept watch over my cradle." He's now the subject of a major exhibition of prints at the National Gallery in Dublin and among the works on show is a version of his best known work 'The Scream'. The Edvard Munch Exhibition has just opened at the National Gallery, and runs until 6 December. Admission is €5, however entry is free on Mondays.

The Film: Creation

Directed by Jon Amiel, 'Creation' tells the story of Charles Darwin tormenting himself during a period in which he wasn't exactly sure what to do next with his theory of evolution. Darwin, played by Paul Bettany, knew that if his theories were correct, then the Old Testament was wrong and he feared the effect his discoveries would have on society - and on his marriage. Fellow scientists, however, put pressure on him to finish the book and publish it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Book: Ordinary Thunderstorms

'Ordinary Thunderstorms' is the new novel from William Boyd. Adam Kindred is returning from a job interview when he drops into an Italian restaurant. There's only one other diner in the restaurant, a man called Dr Wang, and they get talking. When Dr Wang departs he leaves a file behind him and Adam decides to return it to him on his way home. When he gets to Dr. Wang's flat, however, his newfound friend is lying in pool of blood with a knife stuck in his side. Before you can say Chapter Two, Wang is dead and Adam is covered in the dead man's blood and his prints are on the knife. Next thing he's on the run in Chelsea, pursued not just by the police but by a hit-man with a grudge. 'Ordinary Thunderstorms' is published by Bloomsbury.

The Performance: Kate Walsh

We leave you tonight with music from Kate Walsh. Her recent release 'Light and Dark' is the follow-up to what was the Number One download album, 'Tim's House'. She will be playing Auntie Annie's in Belfast on 27 October and Dublin's Sugar Club the following night. Tonight she'll play a different take on her current single, 'June Last Year'.

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