15 September 2009
The Guests

Artist Jesse Jones, film critic Donald Clarke and campaigner Joe Kelly.

The Film: Away We Go

Directed by Sam Mendes, 'Away We Go' is the raggedy story of Burt and Verona, who hit the road in search of the perfect place to call home - a matter of some urgency now that Verona is expecting their first child. And so we travel to Phoenix, Tucson, Wisconsin, Montreal, Miami and - guess what - we meet a host of crazy characters - and some very fine actors - along the way. John Krasinski is Burt and Maya Rudolph is Verona. 'Away We Go' is showing at cinemas nationwide from Friday.

The Film: Three Miles North of Molkom

Every year, the One Mind Festival brings together a huge flock of rare birds to a place called Ansbaka for a fortnight of all sorts of shamanistic adventures - everything from tree-hugging to tantric sex. It all happens in the forests of Sweden, three miles north of Molkom to be precise. And that's also the title of a feature-length documentary which follows seven participants in the festival from a Swedish harbour master in search of his goddess to a cynical Australian rugby coach who seems to be there by accident. 'Three Miles North of Molkom' is at the Lighthouse cinema in Dublin.

The Book: A Week in December

'A Week in December' is the new novel from Sebastian Faulks. From the very first page we are centred firmly in the sprawling and diverse metropolis of London. It's the week before Christmas and we follow seven characters over seven days as the big day approaches. The main cast comprises a lawyer, a hedge fund manager, a Polish footballer, a schoolboy on skunk, a driver on the Underground, a young Muslim student and a professional reviewer of books with a very bad attitude. As the blurb has it "the writing on the wall appears in letters 10 feet high, but the characters refuse to see it - as though tomorrow is a dream". 'A Week in December' is published by Hutchinson.

The Exhibition: Corrib Gas Project

Now on at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, the artist Seamus Nolan is taking on those issues of ownership and identity raised in the decade-long dispute over the Corrib gas field on the Mayo coastline. At the heart of the exhibition is a filmed re-enactment of the public hearing in Belmullet, where local people argued their case against oil multi-nationals, Shell, Statoil and Marathon. Seamus Nolan's exhibition runs at the Project Arts Centre until 10 October.

The Performance: The Unwanted

We leave you tonight with some 'Music from the Atlantic Fringe' - the title of an album which explores music's journey back and forth between here and the next parish. The album comes from The Unwanted - that's Cathy Jordan, Rick Epping and Seamie O'Dowd and on 27 September, you can see them live at Sligo's Shoot the Crows venue. Tonight they perform for us 'Sadly Grows the Rose'.

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