9 December 2008
The Guests

Senator and broadcaster David Norris, Irish Independent arts journalist Edel Coffey and writer Brian Keenan.

The Film: The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree tells the story of a Palestinian widow named Salma, who takes a stand against a new neighbour. The thing is, however, that the new neighbour is the Israeli defence minister, who moves into a mini fortress opposite her lemon grove on the green line border between Israel and the West Bank. The Israelis quickly declare that Salma's trees pose a threat to the Minister's safety and issue orders to uproot them.

The Book: Stepping Stones - Interviews With Seamus Heaney

Written by Dennis O'Driscoll, this is a series of exchanges between the two poets in which one asks the other about his life and his work and it turns out to be about as close as we are likely to get to a conventional Heaney autobiography. The book takes us from Heaney's childhood in south County Derry right through to the Nobel Prize in 1995 and his post-Nobel life, when Heaney became a very public figure and was much in demand at home and internationally.

The Exhibition: Sydney Nolan

Works by Australia's best known painter Sir Sidney Nolan are currently on show at Farmleigh House in Dublin. Focussed largely on Nolan's interest in landscape and the people in it, the paintings are a wide ranging selection drawn from his entire career, including some pictures he made shortly before his death in 1992. Nolan is perhaps best known for his Ned Kelly works, which were first painted in the mid 1940s, to which he returned to regularly over his lifetime.

The Exhibition: Michael Kane

There is a new exhibition by the painter Michael Kane at the Rubicon Gallery on St Stephen's Green in Dublin. Kane's work is figurative and his imagery is full of biblical and mythological references - all played out on the Dublin stage. The artist has lived virtually all of his life in the city and you can tell, as the atmosphere and imagery in these works is all Dublin.

The Performance: Tarab

The Ark, Ireland's Cultural Trust For Children, has been running a series of interactive concerts to introduce children and families to music from all over the world. We are joined byTarab, a group of musicians who have been combining traditional Irish music with the music of the Mediterranean.

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