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The actress Kate O'Toole, Irish Times online editor Hugh Linehan and archivist and critic Catriona Crowe.

The Film: Changeling

Starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Clint Eastwood, this true story of a scandal in 1920's Los Angeles which exposed major corruption in the LAPD. Jolie plays a single mother who whose 9 year old son goes missing. Five months later the boy turns up but the problem however is that it's not him, and Christina knows it. She then battles on, urging the LAPD to keep looking for her real son, but is dismissed as a delusional and unfit mother, discovering to her cost that the system really doesn't like to be challenged.

The Film: Rivals (Les Liens Du Sang)

If you're a fan of the sort of French movie which stars Jean Paul Belmondo. you'll be interested in this. Directed by Jacques Maillot and heavily influenced by old French crime movies, this is set in the 1970s and tells the story of brothers who live on different sides of the law. Francois is a police inspector while his brother Gabriel has just been released from prison after serving 10 years for murder. They both try to draw a line under the past with Gabriel going straight and Francois doing his best to help him but it's not so easy, and Gabriel is soon tempted by his old life.

The Book: A Mercy

This is the first novel by the Nobel laureate and Pulitzer prize winner Toni Morrison in five years. Set in the 1680's, when the American slave trade was in its early days, this one can in some ways be read as a prelude to her best known work, Beloved. The narrator is Florens, the daughter of an enslaved mother who in a desperate act offers her daughter to a Anglo Dutch trader and adventurer called Jacob as payment for her master's debt.

The Play: Everybody Loves Sylvia

Now on at the Project, this Randolph SD production is billed as a technicolour adaptation of innovative French 18th century dramatist Marivaux's boulevard comedy La Double Inconstance. Marivaux produced masterpieces of French comedy and so this production is likely to be complex, demanding on the actors and full of laughs. Adapted and designed by Wayne Jordan, who also directs, the cast includes Allen Leech, Aoibheann O'Hara, who plays Sylvia and Brian Bennett.

The Performance: Jack L

Jack L has placed his trust in Randy Newman and released 'Burn On', an album of Newman covers. He'll be performing these songs and some old favourites at the National Concert Hall on 8 December. Here, with 'In Germany Before The War', is Jack L.

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