4 November 2008
The Guests

Artist Jesse Jones, media consultant Richard Delevan and film critic Donald Clarke.

The Film: W

Oliver Stone has already done JFK and Nixon, and now he's back with yet another American president: George W Bush. 'W' opens with a post 9/11 cabinet meeting in which the phrase "axis of evil" is decided upon and Bush - guided by Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and co - is prompted to invade Iraq and do all the things his father didn't quite get around to. In flashbacks the movie also tries to give us a glimpse of how this now extraordinarily unpopular president ended up in the catbird seat of world politics.

The Film: Hunger

Directed by Turner Prize-winning artist Steve McQueen, 'Hunger' revisits the dirty protest and the events which led to the Hunger Strikes back in 1981. It begins with a prison officer bathing his injured fists and a prisoner called Gillen beginning a six-year sentence and getting used both to the system and the systems within that system. Smuggled communications let the viewer know that something is about to happen, a plan which is eventually outlined to a chaplain by Bobby Sands, played by Michael Fassbender.

The Book: More Questions Than Answers

'More Questions than Answers' is a memoir from Kevin Sheehy, who was the first Catholic graduate to join the RUC and who then went on to become a senior and very well-known policeman. From a working-class background in Belfast, he joined the RUC in 1970 after leaving Trinity College in Dublin. Describing himself as a Catholic Unionist - a very rare bird in Northern terms- this is his account of the personal and professional conflicts from which the title of this book is derived.

The Exhibition: Luan an tSléibhe

Geraldine O'Neill is known for figurative and representational painting and in this joint exhibition organised by Draíocht and the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery she shows song birds - dead songs birds - in still life. 'Luan an tSléibhe' is at the Draíocht Gallery in Blanchardstown until 22 November.

The Performance: Henry McCullough

Henry McCullough played at Woodstock with Joe Cocker's Grease Band and when Paul McCartney formed his post Beatles group Wings, he was on guitar. Most recently he has been collaborating with ex-Horslip Eamonn Carr on a new album entitled 'Poor Man's Moon'. Here, he plays a track from that album called 'Burial Ground'.

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