21 October 2008
The Guests

Writer Eoin Colfer, musician and academic Karina Daly and novelist and journalist Peter Murphy.

The Film: A Film with Me in It

Directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, 'A Film with Me in It' stars Dylan Moran as Pierce, a screenwriter/director/waiter. Meanwhile his friend Mark is played by the movie's actual screenwriter, Mark Doherty. The two friends dream of hitting the big time by coming up with a hit screenplay but, in the meantime, they lead a rather messy existence, with Mark's girlfriend about to leave him and Pierce knocking back more units than are recommended for the average man.

The Book: Bad Day in Blackrock

'Bad Day in Blackrock' is a new book from a first time novelist, Kevin Power. It's the story of the aftermath of the death of a young student. The three accused are also students - all steeped in school traditions and living by the rules of rugby, drink, status and sex. The book looks at the backgrounds of the boys and the girls they pursue in the schools, bars and clubs of south Dublin and, as the blurb has it, "strips away the veneer of a generation of Celtic cubs". But, of course, an incident similar to the one in the novel really did happen outside a Dublin nightclub - and this is certain to make it a very difficult read for a lot of people. And while the book is a work of the imagination, certain aspects of the story were inspired by news coverage of actual events. 'Bad Day in Blackrock' is published by Lilliput Press.

The Opera: Mines of Sulphur

Now on at the spectacular new Opera House, 'Mines of Sulphur' is one of the three operas currently being staged at the 57th Wexford Festival Opera. Written by Richard Rodney Bennett, it was first staged at Sadler's Wells in 1965 and it's not at all well known. Indeed, Richard Rodney Bennett himself is now much better known for his film scores, including 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. The opera is set in a large wreck of a house in the English West Country, where a gypsy has returned along with two accomplices to take her revenge on the lord of the manor. The old man is killed and the murderers dress up in swanky new clothes, play with the jewellery and make themselves right at home. Their delusions of grandeur come to a nasty halt, however, when a travelling troupe of actors seek shelter for the night. And they have a whole lot more in their repertoire than a few snatches of Shakespeare. 'Mines of Sulphur' is at the Wexford Opera House until 1 November and the festival continues until 2 November. If you missed our special 'The View Presents...' on the festival you can watch at:

The Exhibition: Back to the Lighthouse

'Back to the Lighthouse' is an exhibition by the Limerick artist John Shinnors, now on at the Wexford Arts Centre in conjunction with the Opera Festival. It's a new body of work, but here Shinnors has revisited an old motif for him: that of the lighthouse. 'Back to the Lighthouse' is at the Wexford Arts Centre until 2 November.

The Performance: Duke Special

Recorded in places as diverse as Champaign, Illinois and Culleybackey, Antrim, 'I Never Thought This Day Would Come' is the title of the new album from Duke Special. He starts a national tour on 20 November, which includes two nights at Electric Avenue in Waterford and another at Dublin's Olympia on 25 November - check his website for details. Tonight he performs for us 'Mockingbird Wish Me Luck'.

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