30 September 2008
The Guests

Columnist and writer Fiona Looney, film critic Donald Clarke, and arts journalist Edel Coffey.

The Film: Righteous Kill

Directed by John Avnet, Righteous Kill reunites Al Pacino and Robert de Niro as NYPD detectives facing a retirement neither is particularly keen on. But before they hand in their badges, they are called in to investigate one more murder; that of a notorious pimp, who appears to have ties to a case they solved years before. It soon becomes clear that they're dealing with serial killer with a very specific mission: to really get the bad guys.

The Film: How To Lose Friends and Alienate People

Directed by Robert B Weide, this is a ficitionalised account of the best-selling book by the English journalist Toby Young in which he told of his adventures as a features writer for Vanity Fair. Young - here renamed Sidney - was socially challenged by his new circumstances and really did make a fine art of losing friends and alienating people; not least the man who gave him the job.

The Book: Heads

'Heads' is a memoir from the broadcaster Gerry Anderson, who has has enraged and entertained in equal measure from his base in Radio Foyle for many years. His approach has largely been to abandon the rulebook, and he has built a devoted following. This book focuses on the year 1972, when Anderson was on the road with the showbands and living a largely disillusioned life in a Dublin bedsit.

Dance Theatre: Dodgems

Now on at the O'Reilly Theatre at Belvedere College, Dodgems is the new Cois Ceim Dance Theatre production for the Dublin Theatre Festival. In a piece which involves a functioning, bumping car track, there is a promise of a work of some imagination and spectacle. Written by Charlie O'Neill, himself the son of a fairground family and grandson of a fortune teller, the carnival setting gives the choreographer David Bolger plenty to work with.

The Performance: Izumi Kimura

The Performance: Japanese pianist Izumi Kimura, who specialises in performing both Irish and Japanese contemporary music, will be at the National Concert Hall on 3 October performing contemporary Brazilian music with the saxophonist Ken Edge before a solo concert on 31 October at the same venue. Here, she plays Ronan Guilfoyle's "Toccata and Fued".

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