23 September 2008
The Guests

Archivist and critic Catriona Crowe, Irish Times features editor Hugh Linehan and novelist Peter Murphy.

The Films: Stranger Than Fiction Festival at the IFI

Tonight, in this bumper documentary edition of 'The View', we look at some of the films selected for screening at the Stranger Than Fiction documentary film festival which runs at the Irish Film Institute from Thursday. The subject matter is as diverse as you might imagine but we have picked out four of the bunch to give you a flavour: a portrait of the father of Irish Cinema, George Morrison; the story of one Clondalkin family in 'The House'; the history of Italian chippers in Ireland and a European road movie where there isn't even a road.

Waiting for the Light

'Waiting for the Light' is Ciarín Scott's portrait of George Morrison, the man best known for the 1959 movie 'Mise Eire'. Despite being the undoubted pioneer of Irish cinema, Morrison's career went into decline for reasons which are explored in the documentary. In 2006, however, just a year after suffering a massive stroke, Morrison made 'Dublin Day', his first film in over 30 years. 'Waiting for the Light' will be screened at the IFI on Saturday at 5pm.


This next documentary, entitled 'Chippers', stars some very famous names indeed, among them Borza, Macari and Cafolla. For 100 years, these and other Italian families have provided us with the post pub feed and yet few of us really know much about the history of our Italian neighbours; where they come from; how they got here and why that distinctly non-Italian delicacy, fish and chips. In 'Chippers', the director Nino Tropiano follows Barbato Borza, son of the famous Donato Borza, on a trip back home to Casalattico. 'Chippers' will be screened at the IFI at midday on Saturday.

The House

Directed by Tanya Doyle, 'The House' is an autobiographical documentary which tells the story of 20 Harelawn Grove, the Doyle family home in Clondalkin until it was sold by the five Doyle children last year, eight years after the death of their mother. Comprised of interviews with her three sisters, her brother, her father and herself in the days leading up to the move, Tanya documents life in 1970s Clondalkin, the breakdown of a marriage and the death of her mother. 'The House' will be screened at the IFI on Sunday at midday and will be shown on RTÉ in the near future.

The Film: Corridor#8

'Corridor#8' asks the question: 'When is a road movie not a road movie?' The answer being when there isn't actually a road or at least one which never gets finished. This is the story of a very unique part of Europe and a roadway planned by the EU to link it all up - from Bulgaria to Macedonia to Albania. 10 years and millions of euro later, there's not much sign of progress and so the director, Boris Despodov, sets off with his camera on the road to nowhere. 'Corridor#8' will be screened on Sunday at 5.30pm.

The Performance: Carly Sings

Her debut album, 'The Glove Thief', is out now and you can see her live at Greystones Theatre this Friday and then at the Sugar Club, Dublin on 18 October. She also features on the bill of RTÉ lyric fm's 'JK Ensemble Sessions Live at the Button Factory, Dublin' on 2 October and what a night that will be. Tonight she performs for us 'The Only Human Left'.

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