16 September 2008
The Guests

Crime novelist John Connolly, journalist Róisín Ingle and media consultant Richard Delevan.

The Film: Jar City

If your ideas of Iceland have been formed by either the quirky genius of Bjork or the glacial landscapes of Sigur Rós, then prepare to be disturbed. 'Jar City' - a box office hit in Iceland, where it has been seen by a third of the entire population - is based on an award-winning series of novels featuring one Inspector Erlundur - and it's dark and nasty stuff. We begin with two deaths: one of a small girl succumbing to a rare brain disease and the other of a mysterious sex offender murdered in his basement flat. That the two events are somehow connected is at the heart of the story, but in order to get there Inspector Erlundur has to do a lot of digging and knock down many a wall of silence. It seems that Iceland is a small place, and nobody wants to talk. 'Jar City' is at the IFI.

The Series: Raw

Written by Lisa McGee and directed by Kieron J Walsh, 'Raw' is a television drama now showing on Monday nights on RTE Two. Charlene McKenna - seen recently in 'Whistleblower' - plays Jojo, a young commis chef in a slick Dublin restaurant called Raw. It's a busy kitchen in more ways than and Jojo is surrounded by quite a cast of characters, all of whom will happily bring their many personal problems to work with them. 'Raw' is on RTÉ Two at 9.30pm on Monday Nights.

The Book: Open-handed
Well if the Celtic Tiger really is about to be stuffed and mounted there's no sign of it in the arts world. Here comes 'Open-handed', the third novel from Chris Binchy. Also set in Dublin, it again features a mix of Eastern European and Irish characters, among them Poles, Romanians and a developer - he's Irish. Set over the summer months of hotel work and poor accommodation, it soon becomes a violent tangle of politics, sex, violence and property.
'Open-handed' is published by Penguin.

The Exhibition: Art, Drugs and Prayer

Now on at the Kerlin Gallery in Dublin, 'Art, Drugs and Prayer' is an exhibition of the work of David Godbold. Godbold is interested in both 'high' and 'low' culture and he's well known for his extremely playful pieces using found objects. You'll see plenty of that in the Kerlin but it's the large scale paintings which represent both a real departure and, at the same time, something of a return. His usual preoccupations are there - his mythic landscapes based on the work of obscure Belgian and Flemish artists of the 16th and 17th centuries - but it's worth noting that he also cites as an inspiration the school of Rolf Harris. 'Art, Drugs and Prayer' is at the Kerlin Gallery in Dublin until the 11October.

The Performance: Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan is perhaps still best known as a collaborator with Damien Rice, but all that is changing and she has just released her first solo record. It's called 'Sea Sew' and this Thursday she starts a nationwide tour - beginning at Dublin's Button Factory - you can check her website for the rest of the dates. She is with us to perform the single from that album, 'Lille'.

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