22 January 2008
The Guests

Writer and director Gerard Stembridge; actor and singer Camille O'Sullivan; novelist John Connolly.

The Film: No Country for Old Men

Directed by the Coen brothers and based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy, 'No Country for Old Men' stars Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss - a Vietnam vet who comes across a scene of brutal murder while out hunting in the Texan desert. With bodies everywhere, Llewelyn picks his way through the carnage and discovers a truckload of heroin and $2m in cash. And so he does a very foolish thing: he takes the money and he runs. But $2m is $2m and it will not be allowed to vanish that easily. Soon Llewelyn has serious trouble on his tail, a very nasty man, played by Javier Bardem.

The Film: The Savages

Written and directed by Tamara Jenkins, 'The Savages' stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney as brother and sister Jon and Wendy Savage. Jon lives in Buffalo and works as a college professor and Wendy's based in New York and wants to be a playwright. There has been very little contact between them in recent years but they are suddenly thrown back together again when their father Lenny begins to show signs of dementia. When Lenny's girlfriend dies, her kids want rid of Lenny and so, whether they like it or not, Jon and Wendy soon discover what it really means to be next of kin.

The Book: The Truth Commissioner

'The Truth Commissioner' is the new novel from David Park. A truth commission has been set up in the North, its brief to get to the truth behind dark events which took place during the Troubles. But rather than heal the wounds of war, it serves only to open them up - in particular in a case relating to the disappearance of an alleged informer called Conor Walshe. It's a case which has serious repercussions for all involved, from retired policemen to government ministers and, indeed, even the Truth Commissioner himself. 'The Truth Commissioner' is published by Bloomsbury.

The Exhibition: Nick Miller

Back in 1998, the painter Nick Miller began working from the back of a mobile studio, a customised truck from which he could paint the landscape of Co Sligo. Previously used by telephone repairmen, it's a 13-foot box truck, now with a translucent ceiling and a swing-out easel - all Miller needs to set himself up exactly where he wants to be. There are currently two exhibitions of work from the 'Truckscapes' project, one at Limerick City Gallery and the other at the Rubicon Gallery in Dublin. 'Truckscapes' is at the Limerick City Gallery of Art until 29 February and the Rubicon in Dublin until 16 February.

The Performance: The Bugle Babes

If you fancy the bubblegum American sounds of World War II, The Bugle Babes will be performing their tribute to the Andrews Sisters at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on 29 January. Tonight they perform for us 'Apple-Blossom Time'.

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