18 December 2007
The Guests

Columnist and playwright Fiona Looney; Senator and broadcaster David Norris; columnist Róisín Ingle.

The Film: PS, I Love You

Based on the book by Cecelia Ahern, 'PS, I Love You' stars Hilary Swank as Holly Kennedy, an American married to an Irishman called Gerry Kennedy, played by Gerry Butler. His death early on in the movie is not the last we see of him - in fact it's only the beginning. Initially Holly is utterly lost but soon she discovers that Gerry has planned ahead and written her a series of letters, which all seem to end with 'PS, I Love You'.

The Play: The Recruiting Officer

The Christmas production at the Abbey this year is 'The Recruiting Officer', directed by Lynne Parker. This classic restoration comedy was written by a Derry man, George Farquhar, who was quite the character himself. He quit the Irish stage after wounding a fellow actor in a sword fight. He went to London and, at the age of 20, his first play 'Love and a Bottle' was staged in Drury Lane. In 1702 he married a woman he believed was very rich and then joined the army when he discovered she was not. His experiences provided him with the material for 'The Recruiting Officer', which was first staged in 1706. 'The Recruiting Officer' is at the Abbey until 26 January.

The Play: Alice in Wonderland

'Alice in Wonderland' is a Christmas co-production between the Helix and Landmark Productions and is now on at the Helix. Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy has adapted Lewis Carroll's famous tale of a girl who finds herself in a strange new world where nothing is as it seems. The cast includes Malcolm Adams as The March Hare, Barbara Brennan as the Duchess and Barry McGovern as the caterpillar. 'Alice in Wonderland' is at the Helix until 6 January.

The Panel's Choice: Books of the Year

This is the last episode of 'The View' of 2007 and, as usual, we have asked our panellists to tell us about their favourite books of the year. Fiona Looney discusses 'Redemption Falls' by Joe O'Connor. David Norris discusses Richard Crowley's book 'No Man's Land' and Paul Durcan's 'The Laughter of Mothers'. Róisín Ingle discusses Anne Enright's 'The Gathering' and Alan Bennett's 'The Uncommon Reader'.

The Performance: Prison Love

Prison Love specialise in bluegrass, old-timey and gospel and their CD 'This Corn is Awesome' pretty much astonished those who couldn't quite believe they were actually from Dublin. Their new CD, which is out now, is called 'A Night in the Box'. Tonight they perform for us 'Tater Patch'.

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