23 October 2007
The Guests

Journalist and TV presenter Izabela Chudzicka, Irish Times Features Editor Hugh Linehan; Sunday Tribune Business Editor Richard Delevan.

The Film: Sicko

Directed by Michael Moore, 'Sicko' is the latest movie from the man who brought us among other things, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' - the biggest-grossing documentary of all time. In this new movie, Moore unearths some shocking everyday tales of what it can mean to get sick in the richest nation of the world - even if you do have health insurance. Moore examines a system where doctors actually get promoted for finding ways of denying people healthcare.

The Film: Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg's new movie 'Eastern Promises' is a tale from the grim and very violent world of the Russian Mafia. Set in London, the story begins with the birth of a baby and the death of her 14-year-old mother. It stars Naomi Watts as Anna, a midwife who finds the dead mother's diary, and Viggo Mortensen, as a driver for the Russian gangsters whose name show up rather a lot in the diary. But because it's all written in Russian, Anna is initially unaware of what she has stumbled into.

The Book: The Third Party

The narrator of Glenn Patterson's new novel 'The Third Party' is an executive for a company which specialises in variations on the theme of clingfilm. The company is based in Northern Ireland, but that's not where we are in the book, however, because the man is in a hotel in Hiroshima on business. Perhaps it could only happen in a novel by a Northern novelist, but while he's there the businessman meets somebody else from Belfast, a writer called Ike. A happy coincidence? Surely not. 'The Third Party' is published by The Blackstaff Press.

The Exhibition: Paintings from Poland

'Paintings from Poland' is a major new exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland. It features a selection of some 70 works from the National Museum in Warsaw and a number of other Polish galleries and indeed private collections. In three sections, it focuses on the late 19th century, then the period of Polish independence after 1918 and then takes us up to 1939 and the eve of Germany's annexation of Poland and the start of the Second World War. So we go from the symbolism of the late 1800s through to the modernism and abstraction of the 20th century in the years between the wars. 'Paintings from Poland' is at the National Gallery of Ireland until the end of January.

The Performance: Mick Flannery

From Cork, Mick Flannery is the first Irish musician to win awards in the prestigious US International Songwriting Competition, He'll be playing a number of gigs in December: in Limerick, Galway and Cork. A new CD will be out next year and tonight he performs a song from it, 'Goodbye'.

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