25 September 2007
The Guests

Actress and singer Camille O'Sullivan; film critic Donald Clarke; NCAD lecturer Declan Long.

The Film: The Brave One

In Neil Jordan's new thriller, 'The Brave One', Jodie Foster plays Erica Bain, a New York radio presenter who becomes a vigilante after a vicious assault in Central Park leaves her fiancé dead and herself badly injured. Terrified, traumatised and frustrated by the lack of action in her local precinct she buys a gun - at first for self protection, but she soon finds herself using it with a certain amount of relish. She wanders the city streets in search of evildoers and, ultimately, the ones who killed her fiancé.

The Book: The Late Hector Kipling

The actor David Thewlis is a familiar face from movies like 'The Big Lebowski', Mike Leigh's 'Naked', 'Life is Sweet' and the 'Harry Potter' series, where he plays Professor Lupin. In his first novel, 'The Late Hector Kipling', Thewlis takes on life, death and art in a satirical tale set in the fish-in-a-barrel world of Brit Art. 'The Late Hector Kipling' by David Thewlis is published by Picador.

The Film: The Singer

Directed by Xavier Giannoli, 'Quand J'Etais Chaunteur' opens in Ireland as 'The Singer'. It stars Gerard Depardieu as Joe Dolan, well, not really Joe Dolan. In truth, the Depardieu character, Alain Moreau, is nowhere near as big as Joe Dolan, although he does play some similar venues and has a band which looks and sounds suspiciously like an Irish showband. Alain is struggling with his life and his career but finds a flash of hope and beauty when he meets Marion, a young mother in the middle of a difficult break-up with her partner. The beautiful Marion is played by the perfectly named Cecile de France.

The Exhibition: Contrasts and Complementaries

Born in London in 1939, Stephen McKenna has been a leading figure on the Irish art scene for many years. He has exhibited all over Europe and in 2005 a selection of some 60 works from 1969 to 2004 was shown at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin. A new show at the Kerlin Gallery includes a number of large scale paintings which are based on studies made in the port cities of Naples, Porto and Lisbon. The exhibition is entitled 'Contrasts and Complementaries'. The show continues at the Kerlin Gallery until 13 October.

The Performance: Xavier Rudd

Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd is currently promoting his album 'White Moth'. He joins us tonight to perform the single, 'Better People'.

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