05 December 2006
The Guests:

Artist Robert Ballagh; playwright Fiona Looney; and columnist Peter Murphy.

The Film: Stranger Than Fiction

Written by Zach Helm and directed by Marc Forster, 'Stranger Than Fiction' is the story of a tax man can Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) who begins to hear the voice of a woman who seems to be narrating his life. The woman's voice turns out to belong to Kay Eiffel, a writer played by Emma Thompson, and she is indeed narrating his life. In fact she's trying to finish her novel in which Harold Crick is the central character. The really bad news for Harold is that her main character always dies in the end. Harold, understandably, wants to find her and persuade her to come up with an alternative, and less fatal, ending. 'Stranger than Fiction' is now showing at cinemas nationwide.

The Book: Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen published his first book of poetry back in 1956. He has since published twelve books, including two novels, and seventeen albums of the songs which have made him nothing short of a legend in his own lifetime. 'Book of Longing' is Leonard Cohen's first book since the 1993's collection 'Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs'. The poems were written at various locations around the world including while he was ensconced in the monastic setting of Mt Baldy, where Cohen has trained as a Zen Buddhist. 'The Book of Longing' is published by Penguin at €25.

The Dance: Out of Harm's Way

Any production by Cois Céim Dance Theatre is eagerly anticipated, not just by the dance audience, but by the wider theatre audience. 'Out of Harm's Way' is a piece by David Bolger now at the Project as part of Cois Céim's winter season 'Threads', a combination of dance, film and workshops. 'Out of Harm's Way' is set in a room where eight dancers seem to be sheltering from the menacing world outside. 'Out of Harm's Way' will be on at the Project tomorrow night and Friday night at 8pm.

The Exhibition: The Studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery

It's well known that one of the main attractions in the Hugh Lane Gallery is not in fact a painting but rather the place where the paintings were made - the studio of Frances Bacon, reassembled in Dublin and now on permanent view. With that as a starting point, 'The Studio' is a new exhibition at the Hugh Lane which looks specifically at artists' studios and the way artists use them to make the work.

The Performance: Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are two Dublin-based Mexicans who, ever since their first outing on this programme many years ago, have gone from strength to strength. Their most recent album, 'Rodrigo Y Gabriela', went straight to number one in the Irish charts. They've been playing Vicar Street all this week, with another gig tomorrow night and again on Thursday. Here with 'Diablo Rojo', Rodrigo Y Gabriela.

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