28 November 2006
The Guests

Novelist Anita Notaro; writer and critic Anne Enright; and broadcaster Daire O'Brien.

The Film: Breaking and Entering

Written and directed by Anthony Minghella, 'Breaking and Entering' is a story of love and theft. It stars Jude Law as Will, a landscape architect, whose London office is burgled several times over by a gang of Bosnians who have left Sarajevo for London. When Will finally tracks down one of the thieves, he smitten by the boy's mother Amira, played by Juliette Binoche. They quickly begin an affair which sets off all kind of questions about crime and punishment, mainly because Will is married with a troubled daughter and Amira will do anything to protect her son. 'Breaking and Entering' opens this Friday

The Play: Dream of Autumn

Norwegian novelist and playwright Jon Fosse is one of the biggest names in contemporary European theatre. 'Dream of Autumn' at the Project is the new production from Rough Magic, a company that now has a strong association with Fosse's work. Directed by Tom Creed, the play centres around a man and woman meeting in a graveyard and starting on what seems like a very unwise affair. Nearby, his parents are waiting to bury his grandmother. 'Dream of Autumn' runs at the Project until 9 December.

The Book: Temptation by Douglas Kennedy

'Temptation' is the new novel from Douglas Kennedy, the bestselling author of 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. In this book, it's the pursuit of success. For Hollywood screenwriter David Armitage success comes slowly. But when it does he embraces it in the customary fashion - give a man a horse and he'll ride it to hell. 'Temptation' is published by Hutchinson at €20.

The Exhibition: Iran do Espírito Santo at IMMA

Iran do Espírito Santo is one of Brazil's leading artists. An exhibition of his work, including drawing, sculpture and installation, is now on at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. He uses materials which range from stainless steel to granite to glass often to recreate familiar objects such as candles, boxes, keyholes and bricks. The exhibition also includes new work created specifically for IMMA. The exhibition runs until the 21st January.

The Performance: Miriam Ingram

Before we go tonight, Miriam Ingram is a musician who mixes both electronic and acoustic elements. She plays the Ruby Sessions in Dublin on 5 December and she's with us tonight to play a track from her debut album 'Trampoline'. Here, with 'Winter', Miriam Ingram.

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