07 November 2006
The Guests

Senator and Joycean scholar David Norris, radio presenter Orla Barry and Declan Long, lecturer in Fine Art at NCAD.

The Film: The Tiger's Tail

In John Boorman's new movie 'The Tiger's Tail', the tiger in question is the Celtic one. Set in Dublin, this is the story of a successful business man who thinks he must be losing his mind while stuck in a traffic jam on Pearse Street. What he sees, in this nightmare on Pease Street, is his doppelganger - an exact replica almost - who turns out to be very real indeed. For not only can he not believe his eyes, it turns out he can't believe his mother either. There are dark secrets in the family. And as for the country itself, the whole place is going to hell in a handcart. 'The Tiger's Tail' opens nationwide this Friday.

The Play: This is Not a Life

Just opened last night at the Project, 'This is Not a Life', is the new Bedrock Production written by Alex Johnston and directed by Jimmy Fay. Here we've got more on the state of the nation, the lost soul of Ireland and global terrorism in a production that sometimes folds in itself and asks uncomfortable questions about the production itself. What exactly constitutes a good night out - as one of the characters actually asks - especially if you have to pay a babysitter? 'This is Not a Life' runs at Project until 18 November.

The Book: Restless by William Boyd

Yet more deception now with 'Restless', the latest novel from bestselling author William Boyd. For most people, their mothers are a mystery, but what happens if it turns out that she is not who she says she is and that she was - and always will be - a spy. In 'Restless', Ruth Gilmartin discovers just that. Her English mother is in fact a Russian émigrée recruited by the British during the Second World War. And while the war might be over a long time ago there's still a little unfinished business for the mystery mother. 'Restless' by William Boyd is published by Bloomsbury at €15.

The Exhibition: Goldgräber by Ulrich Vogl

Goldgräber, or Gold digger, is the title of a new exhibition by Ulrich Vogl at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery .Vogel is based in Berlin and first exhibited here at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery as part of a group show of German artists back in 2005. Now he's back with a solo show which includes drawings and work made with enamel on glass. Goldgräber by Ulrich Vogl is at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery until 18 November.

The Performance: Vyvienne Long

You may have heard me playing Vyvienne Long quite a bit on the radio show. Well, in advance of a session she has recorded for 'The JK Ensemble, which goes out later this month, she's here tonight for 'The View'. She has recently released her debut EP, 'Birdtalk' and will be back on tour with Damien Rice later this year. Here with 'They're Not Waving', Vyvienne Long.

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