10 October 2006
Tonight's panellists

Writer and director Peter Sheridan, journalist Nadine O'Regan and theatre critic Peter Crawley.

The Film: The Departed

Directed by Martin Scorsese, 'The Departed' is a remake of a successful 2002 Hong Kong movie called 'Infernal Affairs'. Scorsese shifts the action to Boston where two men go undercover - one planted in a criminal gang run by Frank Costello - and the other planted in the police, by Frank Costello. With names like Costello, Sullivan, Costigan, Queenan and Dignam you can be assured that these gangs of Boston - legit or otherwise - are a particularly Irish bunch. 'The Departed' is currently showing at cinemas nationwide.

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The Play: Empress of India

Written by Stuart Carolan, 'Empress of India' is the new Druid production now on at the Abbey. Directed by Garry Hynes this is Carolan's second play, a dark piece of work about faith, family and loss. It stars Sean McGinley as an actor consumed by grief at the loss of his wife, and before that his brother. A cross between Job and Lear, he rages against God, against the world and the children he has since blocked out of his life. 'Empress of India' runs at the Abbey Theatre until Saturday.

Read the RTÉ.ie Entertainment review of 'Empress of India' here.

The Play: Everyday

Written by Michael West, 'Everyday' is the new production from the Corn Exchange. Directed by Annie Ryan and written in collaboration with the act, West looks at people, everyday people, living in fear, panic and humiliation. And it certainly seems like everyday - a typical Dublin day in fact - with typical Dublin conversation, from house prices to supermarkets. Once again The Corn Exchange are using the techniques of Commedia dell'Arte, a form of theatre based on stock comedic types that goes all the way back to 16th Century Italy. 'Everyday' runs at the Samuel Beckett Theatre until 28 of October.

The Exhibition: Michael Craig-Martin Retrospective

Now on at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, is a major retrospective of the work of artist Michael Craig-Martin. Although he was brought up in the States and educated at Yale, he was born in Dublin. In the mid-sixties he returned to Europe and became a key figure on the British arts scene. As Professor at Goldsmiths College in London he was a major influence on the likes of Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, and Gary Hume. From now until January IMMA are showing some 50 works spanning his entire career: sculptures, wall-drawings, text pieces, neon works, paintings and a newly commissioned wall painting in the courtyard of the museum itself. The Michael Craig-Martin exhibition runs until January.

The Performance: Nils Wogram and Root 70

For his band Root 70, German trombonist Nils Wogram has teamed up with three other bandleaders to create a fusion of contemporary jazz styles. They will be playing in Dolan's in Limerick tomorrow night, Wednesday 11 October, before embarking on a Music Network tour. Here with 'Wild 13', Nils Wogram and Root 70.

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