26 September 2006
The Film: World Trade Centre
Directed by three-time Oscar winner Oliver Stone, 'World Trade Centre' is a new movie based on the lives of people caught up in the terrible events of 9/11. And two people in particular: John McLoughlin and William J Jimeno, played by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena. The men were Port Authority police officers buried alive under one of the towers and for much of the movie we watch as they summon every last ounce of strength just to stop from slipping away. In the outside world their families hope against hope and rescuers continue to listen out for the smallest sounds from under the rubble. In real life, McLoughlin and Jimeno were the very last people to be pulled out alive. 'World Trade Centre' opens nationwide this Friday.

Read the RTÉ.ie Entertainment review of 'World Trade Center ' here.

The Book: Zoli by Colum McCann

From Dublin but living in New York, Colum McCann is well known for books like 'This Side of Brightness', 'Song Dogs' and of course 'Dancer', a novel based on the life of Rudolph Nureyev. His new novel is similarly based on another life, that of a famous Gypsy poet called Papusza, here transformed into Zoli Novotna. The book is simply called 'Zoli' and John Kelly met up with Colum McCann to talk about her and what the life of a Roma woman during the Second World War might mean in 2006. 'Zoli' is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson at €15.

The Author: Máirtín Ó Cadhain

2006 marks the centenary of the birth of Máirtín Ó Cadhain, long considered the 20th Century's most influential prose writer in Irish. And his book 'Dhá Scéal', or 'Two Stories', has just been published by Arlen House. The two stories in question, 'The Edge of the Bog' and 'The Stranger' are reprinted here in Ó Cadhain's original Irish, alongside English translations by the writers Louis De Paor, Mike McCormack and Lochlainn Ó Tuairisg. Tonight we look both at the book and at tonight's 'Arts Lives' documentary, 'Rí an Fhocail (King of Words)', about Ó Cadhain. 'Dhá Scéal' is published by Arlen House at €20.00

The Festival: Stranger Than Fiction

The 'Stranger Than Fiction' documentary festival opens at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin this Thursday. Documentaries include one on footballer Zinedine Zidane; the acclaimed 'Children of Allah' about an Indian Orphanage and 'The Connemara Monster'. The opening documentary, 'Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man', is a tribute concert and biopic combined.

The Performance: Jimmy Faulkner and The Houseshakers

Jimmy Faulkner and his band The Houseshakers have been doing serious rock 'n' roll for many a year They join the line up at this week's Ranelagh Arts Festival for 'Rock 'n' Roll, the Green Beat', hosted by John Keogh at Mount Pleasant Tennis Club on Saturday night, where many of them rocked in their heyday. Tonight Jimmy Faulkner and The Houseshakers play live in studio for us.

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