02 May 2006
The Film: The Devil and Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston is a songwriter, singer and artist with a seriously devoted following. Many are drawn in by the work, but equally, it has to be said, many are attracted by the mental illness that has pursued Johnston over the years. A manic depressive completely dependent on his meds, his work is often described as that of an outsider artist. Others see him more in the same frame as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and he has been championed by everyone from Kurt Cobain to David Bowie. 'The Devil and Daniel Johnston' is Jeff Feuerzeig's new movie which looks at Johnston's life - using home movies, archive photos, documentary footage and Johnston's old cassettes.

The Play: Operation Easter
'Operation Easter' is Calypso Theatre's contribution to the current celebration and debate surrounding the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. Written by Donal O'Kelly and directed by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh, the play is actually performed in Kilmainham Jail. 'Operation Easter' runs at Kilmainham Jail until 20 May.

The Sculpture: NC Iris by Vivienne Roche
NC Iris by Cork artist Vivienne Roche is one of the tallest pieces of public sculpture to be designed, built and assembled in Ireland. It was commissioned by the National College of Ireland and it is sited beside the College campus in Mayor Square at the Irish Financial Services Centre in Dublin. 47 feet high, it depicts an iris inside a transparent lily - representing growth, light and education. The sculpture changes by day and night and at 10pm every evening in summer the Iris really comes into its own.

The Book: The Motel Life
All the way from Reno, Willy Vlautin is best known as the singer in Richmond Fontaine. In 'The Motel Life', however, he has taken to the novel with the story of two brothers in the unbreakable grip of bad luck. Frank and Jerry Lee take to the road after Jerry Lee kills a boy in a hit-and-run. Their lives seemed hopeless enough to begin with, but even with Frank's skills as a storyteller and Jerry Lee's gift as an artist, it looks like there's no way out of this one. 'The Motel Life' is published by Faber at £11 sterling.

The Performance: Shaz Oye
The musical career of Dublin singer Shaz Oye began with winning trips to Butlins and then developed into a spell as a trumpet player with the Communication Workers Union Band. Now Shaz has released her debut album 'Truth according to shaz OYE' and she's here tonight with a track from it, 'Blood on the Bone'.

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