31 January 2006
The Film: Walk the Line
We begin with Johnny Cash - or rather Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in a new movie entitled 'Walk the Line'. Given that Cash was a legend even before he died, those who hold him in high regard are entitled to be a little nervous at the thought of any movie based on his life - biopics about musicians don't exactly have a glorious history. This one however, directed by James Mangold, aims to do it right - and do justice to the man - in particular his early creative life and his long, long love affair with June Carter. 'Walk the Line' goes on nationwide release this Friday.

The Show: Wunderkind
Written and directed by Darren Thornton, 'Wunderkind' is a new Calipo Production at Dublin's Project. It's a one man show starring Owen O'Donnell as Sean - a writer who has sold his film-script to people who couldn't care less about Sean or what he has written. It's a story familiar to many people trying to do their own creative thing in the current climate but, even so, Sean is well out of his depth and he isn't at all prepared for what they do to his baby. Producers eh? 'Wunderkind' runs at the Project until this Saturday.

The Film: The New World
In Ireland, certainly, interest in Terence Malick's latest movie 'The New World' will centre on Colin Farrell. It's the story of Captain Smith and Pocahontas with Farrell playing Smith and Q'Orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas. 'The New World' is already open at the IFI cinema, and will open nationwide this Friday.

The Book: Foreign Babes in Beijing
While working in Beijing, Rachel de Woskin - an American in PR - landed a part in a hugely successful soap opera on Chinese television. The series was called 'Foreign Babes in Beijing' and it had an estimated six hundred million viewers. For de Woskin, it was quite an experience. The title of the soap is now the title of her book - an account of her time, as a Foreign Babe, in the new China. 'Foreign Babes in Beijing' is published by Granta

The Performance: Amy Allison
Amy Allison's father Mose is one of the true legends of music and, while his bag is jazz and blues, Amy has obviously spent a lot of time listening to everything from Hank to Morrissey. Here with 'Her Hair Was Red' from her new album 'Everything and Nothing Too', Amy Allison.

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