15 November 2005
The Film: Factotum
Based on the novel by Charles Bukowksi, 'Factotum' stars Matt Dillon as a writer who - to paraphrase George Best - spends his money on drinking, gambling and women, and squanders the rest. That said, despite the good looks of Dillon, this is low-down Bukowsi stuff with booze, dark humour and much love and squalor. Factotum goes on general release this Friday.

The Book: The Penelopiad
A series of books being published this autumn by Canongate looks afresh at some of the great myths of the world. Leading writers have been invited to retell the myth of their choice and first up is Margaret Atwood's take on Penelope - the long suffering wife of Odysseus. Called 'The Penelopiad' it tells the story from the point of view of Penelope and her maids. 'The Penelopiad' is published by Cannongate and costs £12 in hardback.

The Exhibition: Albrecht Durer at the Chester Beatty Library
Born in Nuremburg Germany in 1471, Albrecht Durer is regarded as one of the pivotal figures in European Art. The Chester Beatty library in Dublin is now showing its collection of Durer prints alongside works borrowed from two German institutions - among them an image from 1521 familiar to anyone who ever has read a book on Irish History. Durer's 1521 watercolour, 'Irish Soldiers and Peasants', is an historical treasure which carries the inscription: "Thus go the soldiers of Ireland, beyond England/Thus go the poor of Ireland." The Albrecht Durer exhibition runs at the Chester Beatty Library until 7 February.

The Show: Watermark
Now at the Pavilion Theatre, 'Watermark' is the latest work from Dance Theatre of Ireland. Choreography is by Robert Connor and Loretta Yurick. Watermark is based on the meaning and movement of water and is performed by an international cast. Over the next fortnight, 'Watermark' travels to Tipperary, Galway, Roscommon, Cork and Bray.

The Performance: Simple Kid
Ciaran McFeeley is known these days as Simple Kid. He's appearing next Wednesday, 23 November, in the Savoy Theatre in Cork as part of the Music Migrations series for Cork 2005. Tonight Kieran is joined by his brother Alzy to perform the song 'Self Help' from his forthcoming CD 'Simple Kid 2'.

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