08 November 2005
The Film: The Constant Gardener
The last time we looked at a movie from Fernando Meirelles it was the wonderful 'City of God', set in the Favelas of Rio De Janiero. At first glance to find him now directing the movie of a best selling novel by John Le Carré might perhaps seem odd - but here it is - 'The Constant Gardener', starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz. He's an English diplomat in Kenya and while he constantly gardens, his wife is digging up all sorts of dirt on their government's dealings with the drugs industry. Things change however when she is brutally murdered and the garden is quickly forgotten. 'The Constant Gardener' opens nationwide this Friday.

The Film: Pavee Lackeen
Directed by Perry Ogden and written by Mark Venner, 'Pavee Lackeen' is a story of a young traveller girl living on the side of the road in Ringsend. It won best first feature premiered at the London Film Festival and at the weekend it picked an up an IFTA for best film. For Perry Ogden, a photographer well known for his book 'Pony Kids', it has so far been a very successful first time out as a director - particularly given that it's an unconventional film - somewhere between a documentary and movie. 'Pavee Lackeen' opens at the IFI on Friday.

The Exhibition: Tony O'Malley at IMMA
The artist Tony O'Malley, who died in 2003, was a late starter. He worked in the bank until he was 45 and when he left because of ill health, he moved to St Ives in Cornwall and began painting full time. And so began a career as one of Ireland's leading painters. A major exhibition of his work has just opened at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and runs until the end of December. And two related exhibitions of O'Malley's work are also running at the moment. At the Graphic Studio in Dublin are his graphic studio works and in Kilkenny, never seen before, his complete sketchbooks at the Butler Gallery.

The Book: Invoking Ireland by John Moriarty
In his latest book, Invoking Ireland, John Moriarty looks at our changing way of life and asks if we have moved too far, too fast - leaving behind so much of our true selves that we are now mere shells of ourselves. Instead he proposes a Birdreign - a return to a time where all things lived with all things - nature, magic and divine. Invoking Ireland is published by Lilliput Press.

The Performance: Julie Feeney
Julie Feeney is a singer and songwriter from Galway. On her recently released debut album, '13 Songs', she also proves that she can play a bit - keyboards, recorder, harmonium, accordion, violin, harmonica and xylophone. She will be playing at the Taidhbearc in Galway this Saturday night and in Bewley's Café Theatre on December 10th. Here, with a track from '13 Songs' - this is Julie Feeney and 'Aching'.

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