01 November 2005
The Book: Lunar Park
When you read a novel by Brett Easton Ellis, it's hard to know which is the bigger piece of work - the book or Brett Easton Ellis. From 'Less than Zero' through 'American Psycho' and 'Glamorama', he has written books which have delighted some, bored others and quite sickened the rest. Which category he himself belongs to might in part be answered in his latest novel 'Lunar Park'.

The Film: Elizabethtown
Starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst, 'Elizabethtown' is the new movie from Cameron Crowe - he of 'Almost Famous', 'Jerry Maguire' and 'Vanilla Sky' fame. Orlando Bloom plays a young man who, having failed on a grand scale as a shoe designer, constructs a suicide machine from an exercise bike, a kitchen knife and some sticky-back plastic. He's about to do the deed when he learns that his father has just died and that he must "handle things". And so Bloom's character sets off for Kentucky and en route he meets Kirsten Dunst - who plays an air hostess, amateur spirit guide and utter pain in the neck.

The Film: Murderball
'Murderball' is a feature-length documentary about quadriplegic rugby players on their various journeys to the Athens Olympics. Focussing on the struggle between Team USA and Team Canada, who are coached by a former star of the USA team. While the film is about overcoming adversity and all obstacles, these guys aren't looking for sympathy -and in some cases it's just as well.

The Exhibition: A Century of News Photography
For 100 years Irish Independent photographers have been recording the public moments of Irish life. Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited's entire collection of over 300,000 images has been donated to the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar, and the exhibition - or some of it - has just opened. 'A Century of News Photography: Irish Independent Centenary (1905 - 2005)' runs at the National Photographic Archive and around other parts of the country until March next year.

The Performance: Slide
Traditional group Slide have just won the Young Musicwide Award for 2005 from Music Network. They already have two CDs in the bag, 'The Flying Pig' and 'Harmonic Motion', and tonight they are here with a track from the latter, 'Slide In'.

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