11 October 2005
The Film: Le Grand Voyage
We are well used to road movies - but here's one with a difference. 'Le Grand Voyage' is the story of Reda, a young man living in France with his Moroccan family. He's about to do his final exams but his father has other plans. He needs a lift to Mecca. It's a long, long way through many countries and cultures in a beat-up car. And it's not made any easier by the fact that Moroccan fathers and sons are quite like Irish father's and sons - they don't exactly get on.

The Festival: Cork Film Festival
The Cork Film Festival celebrates its 50th year this week with a varied programme. This includes 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose', Number One at the US box office at the moment; 'Walk the Line', the new movie about Johnny Cash; and 'March of the Penguins', the surprise documentary hit which has become the biggest French film ever in the US.

The Show: The Bull
Now to the Dublin Theatre Festival. 'The Bull' is the new work from Michael Keegan Dolan and Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre. Based on the story of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, it brings together dancers, actors and musicians from eight different countries.

The Show: Some Girls are Bigger than Others
'Some Girls are Bigger than Others' is a show based on the music of The Smiths. It tells the story in music of the relationships between four women and two men.

The Book: Monkey Man
'Monkey Man' is a comic novel written by Stephen Price. It concerns a television chat show host - here depicted as a drug- crazed egomaniac, as likely to turn on his own team as he is to go soft on big name guests. It all makes life rather difficult for producer/procurer of drugs Lee Lovecraft. 'Monkey Man' is published by New Island and sells at €14.99.

The Exhibition: BUTABU
So scant is our knowledge of Africa that our idea of African architecture tends to suggest to us no more than villages of mud huts. Yes, there are buildings made of mud, but there's a lot more to it in West Africa. James Morris and his camera have been to Mali, Niger and other West African countries for his exhibition 'BUTABU: Adobe Architecture of West Africa' at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar.

The Performance: Kerekes Band
Hungary's Kerekes Band were formed with the intention of performing Moldovan folk music. Since then they have won many international awards and experimented with many musical genres. So much so that they now describe their music as Ethno Funk. Tonight they perform for us 'Flame of Fire'.

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