†04 October 2005
The Film: Tara Road
Based on the book by Maeve Binchy, 'Tara Road' is the story of two women, one in America, one in Ireland, who temporarily swap houses in order to escape upheaval and trauma in each of their lives. So we have an Irishwoman in the States and an American woman in Ireland and it doesn't take long for things to happen - to both of them. Tara Road opens at cinemas nationwide this Friday.

The Book: Untold Stories
Since his early days with Beyond the Fringe back in the 1960s, playwright Alan Bennett has been a unique fixture in the British cultural scene. Best known perhaps for the television series 'Talking Heads' and for his Oscar nominated screenplay 'The Madness of King George', Bennett is also valued as a diarist, essayist and general entertaining presence. And so, here comes 'Untold Stories' - a collection of all his major writings over the past ten years. 'Untold Strories' is published by Faber and Faber and Profile Books.

The Plays: Shakespeare at the Dublin Theatre Festival
The Dublin Theatre Festival is upon us and tonight we look at two very different productions of plays by William Shakespeare; Hamlet at the Peacock, directed by Conall Morrison, and 'The Winter's Tale', presented by the Propeller Theatre Company and directed by Edward Hall. 'Hamlet' runs at the Peacock until 22 of October. And 'The Winter's Tale' runs at the Abbey until Saturday.

The Exhibition: Northern Nocturnes
'Northern Nocturnes' is a new exhibition at the National Gallery in Dublin. It brings together nightscapes by 17th Century Dutch and Flemish painters. Containing over 50 drawings, paintings and prints from the period, it also gives visitors the chance to see, together for the first time, three famous versions of the 'Flight into Egypt'; one by Rembrandt, one by Elsheimer and one by Rubens. 'Northern Nocturnes: Nightscapes in the Age of Rembrandt' is in the Millennium Wing of the National Gallery until 11 December.

The Performance: Iarla ” LionŠird
Cuil Aoidh singer Iarla ” LionŠird made his first recording at the age of seven. Much has happened since, including his voice breaking and a stint with the Afro-Celts. He has just released a solo album entitled 'Invisible Fields' on Real World Records and here, with 'Eleanor Plunkett', is Iarla ” LionŠird.

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