31 May 2005
The Exhibition: Dorothy Cross
The Exhibition: Dorothy Cross The Irish Museum of Modern Art opens its doors on Thursday for the first large-scale exhibition of the work of Irish artist Dorothy Cross. The exhibition covers the period from the late 1980s up to the present day and consists of more than 40 of her works, including sculpture, installation, performance, photography and film. The Dorothy Cross exhibition runs at IMMA until 11 September, and Cross herself will give a talk on her work in the museum on 6 September.

The Film: Headrush
'Headrush' is the debut feature from Irish director Shimmy Marcus. Set in Dublin, it tells the story of Charlie (played by Wuzza Conlon) and T-Bag aka Scumbag, Fleabag, and Dirtbag (played by Gavin Kelty) who smoke dope and dream in equal measure. Neither gets around to doing much of anything else until Charlie is dumped by his girlfriend and he hatches a scheme to make some cash and win her back. It's not a very sensible scheme, however - and numerous scrapes ensue.

The Book: Notes from a Coma
'Notes from a Coma' is the latest book from Irish author Mike McCormack. JJ O'Malley began life in Eastern Europe, where he was adopted/bought by a farmer living in Mayo. He turns out to be an extremely smart kid, albeit a fragile one. And when in later life, his best friend dies - after as he sees it "he had argued him to death" - he cracks up. In recovery however - and in order to really take a break from himself - he volunteers for a controversial EU experiment in penal servitude, in which five men are maintained in a coma for three months aboard a prison ship in Killary Harbour

The Exhibition: The Gardens of Earthly Delight
The Gardens of Earthly Delight' is a new exhibition at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle. 39 Irish and international artists were invited to explore the library's collection and use it as the inspiration for their work. The result is an exhibition of original prints, created loosely around the idea of gardens as places of pastime, contemplation and pleasure. 'The Gardens of Earthly Delight' is at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle until 2 October.

Preview: Ten of the Best this summer
As this is our last show in the series, and with so much going on over the next few months, we decided to take a brief look at some of the highlights the summer has to offer.

The Performance: Impromptu
The Walton's Guitar Festival of Ireland takes place this summer, from 26 June to 3 July. It features performances from many of the world's top guitarists, including David Russell and John Williams. Impromptu are one of the acts lined up for the festival and they are here with us tonight for a rendition of Granado's 'Spanish Dance No 5'.

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