24 May 2005
The Exhibitions: William Orpen
When he died in 1931 at the age of 53, William Orpen was one of the most popular painters in Europe. Now, the National Gallery is to house two exhibitions dedicated to his work. There will be a collection of his oil paintings, entitled 'Politics, Sex and Death' next month, and to complement it, an exhibition called 'Yours very sincerely, William Orpen' - an assortment of over 50 of Orpen's illustrated letters and drawings. 'Yours very sincerely, William Orpen' and 'Politics, Sex & Death' run at the National Gallery until 14 and 28 August respectively.

The Film: It's All Gone Pete Tong
'It's All Gone Pete Tong' is a new mockumentary on legendary DJ Frankie Wilde. In his heyday, Wilde (played by Paul Kaye) is an internationally recognised superstar DJ, consumed with both fame and drugs. He's on quite a roll until the day he begins to lose his hearing, and it's not long before he is totally deaf. So there he is - a world-renowned DJ - deaf - and with an expensive drugs habit to support. Everything really has gone completely Pete Tong. 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' opens nationwide on Friday.

The Book: Desertion
'Desertion' is the seventh novel from author Abdulrazak Gurnah. It opens in a small African town in 1899, when a merchant called Hassanali meets an English writer called Pearce who has been robbed and left for dead. Hassanali takes Pearce into his home to recover and he falls in love with Hassanali's sister Rehana. She becomes pregnant. He leaves and the novel then jumps forward in time to deal with the consequences for the forthcoming generations. Gurnah has been shortlisted for both the Booker and Whitbread Prizes for previous books he has written. 'Desertion' is published by Bloomsbury and available for £10.99 sterling.

The Play: No Exit
We all have our own idea of hell. For some of you, this might be it - people sitting around talking Jean-Paul Sartre. If so, you may have much in common with the great philosopher because his idea of hell was being in confined spaces with other people, and it's the subject of his play 'No Exit', now on at Andrew's Lane Studio. Two women and one man are locked up together for eternity in one hideous room. There are no mirrors, the electric lights can never be turned off, and, as the title says, there is no exit. 'No Exit' is at Andrew's Lane Studio until 4 June.

The Performance: Mono Band
Cranberries' guitarist Noel Hogan, who is currently on sabbatical from the band, has been working on a new project, Mono Band. They released their debut album 'Mono Band' last Friday and on the back of that, they'll be in Whelans, Dublin on 4 June and at OXEGEN in July. They're here with us tonight. With vocals from Richard Walters, this is 'Waves' from Mono Band.

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