17 May 2005
The Film: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
So it's here at last. 28 years on, George Lucas has just delivered the final instalment of 'Star Wars', the last ever adventure, which will take us right back to the beginning in this hugely successful saga, in reverse. Back with what promises to be the last ever 'Star Wars' adventure, entitled 'Revenge of the Sith', this one is the darkest yet with Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker finally tipping over to the dark side, and becoming Darth Vader. 'Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith' opens world wide on Thursday 19 May.

The Show: The Wiremen
Set in Ireland in the early 1950s, Shay Healy's musical, 'The Wiremen' tells the story of what happens when a gang of Dublin men arrive to electrify a village in north county Mayo. Well it might as well be the American Fleet because all the local girls are completely smitten, and all the local boys have their noses put well out of joint. It leads to an inevitable clash as some resist and some embrace everything the Wiremen represent. 'The Wiremen' runs at the Gaiety until 4 June.

The Book: A Long Way Down
'A Long Way Down' is the latest book from Nick Hornby. Hornby, best known for 'Fever Pitch' and 'High Fidelity' is one of Britain's most successful writers, often credited with capturing the mood of the times - and the peculiar difficulties of modern man. In this one, four people find themselves on top of a tall building, each one of them, for their own reasons, intending to jump. But the four get to talking and decide to postpone the event until Valentine's Day. 'A Long Way Down' is published by Penguin/Viking and available for €13.99.

The Exhibition: Clarke & McDevitt Present
The Hugh Lane Gallery recently invited Declan Clarke and Paul McDevitt to curate an exhibition in the refurbished gallery. The artists they have brought together are all showing in Ireland for the first time. 'Clarke & McDevitt Present' runs at the Hugh Lane Gallery until 14 June.

The Performance: Karan Casey
Waterford's Karan Casey is releasing her new album 'Chasing the Sun' next week. She's playing the Temple Bar Music Centre on 8 June. Then it's off to Cork on 14 June and Belfast on 16 June, but here with us tonight, with a song from her new album, 'This Time Will Pass', Karan Casey.

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