26 April 2005
The Play: A Doll's House
In 1879, a little known playwright, Henrik Ibsen, wrote a play that was to shock the world. 'A Doll's House' was seen as the first of its kind, a play that told the story of a marriage in crisis, and a young woman's attempts at freedom and happiness. Over 125 years later The Abbey Theatre presents a new version by Frank McGuinness and directed by Hungarian theatre director László Marton.

The Film: Trouble with Sex
Set in modern day Dublin, 'Trouble with Sex' is a new Irish movie, from director Fintan Connolly. It tells the story of Michelle (played by Renee Weldon), a hard-working lawyer who splits from her medical boyfriend Ivan - properly described by her mother as Ivan the Terrible. In her distress she stumbles into a quiet pub in the city, orders a very large vodka, dances with Eamon Morrissey and gets even more attached to his son (played by Aidan Gillen). And so the trouble - and the sex - begins.

The Exhibition: The Joy
Noel Bowler's 'The Joy' is a new exhibition of photographs of the inmates of Mountjoy Prison. Bowler was born in Ireland in 1978. He studied photography in Dublin, and recently graduated from the University of Wales College in Newport. He was chosen from a panel of young Irish artists to receive the Gallery of Photography's development bursary, and the result is this new exhibition, 'The Joy'.

The Book: Gilead
Marilynne Robinson's novel 'Gilead' tells the story of John Ames, a 76-year-old preacher, who in 1956 writes a letter to his young son. In the letter, Ames not only talks of his own life, but also shares with his son the story of his father and his grandfather, and the many tensions between them - going all the way back to abolition and the American Civil War. The book has already won the Pulitzer Prize, so it's unlikely that Marilynne Robinson will give two hoots what our panel has to say. But even so.

The Performance: Ariel Hernandez and Dermot Dunne
The Bray Jazz Festival takes place this Bank Holiday weekend and, after a performance that brought the house down at last year's festival, Argentinean flamenco guitarist Ariel Hernandez and Irish classical accordionist Dermot Dunne are back again this year by popular demand. They play Bray Town Hall on Saturday at 6.30pm. They are with us tonight to perform 'Taquito Militar'.

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